Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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13 Reasons Couples Break Up, As Embodied By Classical Egyptian Celebs

There are plenty of reasons your relationship might not work out, like being as dramatic as Faten Hamama or as immature as Samir Ghanem. Which celebrity relationship flaw are you?

Staff Writer

There's almost always someone to blame when a couple breaks up. Something about the personality or general character of the guy or the girl is just off. Could be mayteen om el ka2aba, avwara fil romanceya, or something as simple as exaggerated saysana. It could even be a compilation of different traits. When you look at Egyptian cinema, you can clearly see how different actors repetitively embody these traits in their movies. The thing about the Egyptian audience is that we enjoy linking actors to a specific stylistic role; Mahmoud el Meleegy has to be evil and Farid Shawky has to be a strong hero of some sort. This list brings you a variety of personality traits that lead to breakups, using somewhat classical actors as the exemplar for each.

Faten Hamama
(Drama Queen)

El ka2aba bi 3nha walahy! Watching too much Faten Hamma inevitably makes you feel like you have to be sad; her legendary frown says it all. When we say drama queen, note that we're speaking to both genders here. For many couples, creating this epic sense of drama feels like an essential element to add in the relationship to earn sympathy. Habibi, baba affash 3aleek, so what? Habibty, kasarti dofrik, not the end of the world.

Mimi Chakib
(Gold Digger)

Sorry girls, but this one is for you; even though we acknowledge that many guys could be gold diggers, too. Mimi Chakib always embodied the role of the woman who cared about wealth above anything else. It is understandable that girls want to be with a guy who is a safe choice financially, but don't leave someone who really loves you because of the money wi ygeelik wa7id ebn gazma yefshakh feeki. Generally speaking, if a guy does love you, ten pounds or a million pounds won’t make a difference because he would always want to give you everything.

Samir Ghanem

Strictly speaking more to the guys, el tafaha 3enwan 7aya. Samir Ghanem is always this silly immature character that never grows up. Similarly, most guys just can’t let go of that child inside of them, wanting to stay carefree and irresponsible for as long as possible 

Hassan Hosny

He is that one Egyptian actor that is always everyone in every movie; joker el seema fi masr. When we say schizophrenic, akeed we're not talking about the disorder; it's more about the mood swings and personality changes. Not consistently being yourself inevitably causes problems between couples because, how is one supposed to know ye3mil eih aw maynyelsh eih if they don’t know enta eih aslan?

Mahmoud Morsy
(Si Sayed)

He was in the days of black and white; now e7na fi donia mokhtalefa. Guys, begad, choose what to imitate wisely. Formit Si Sayed dih betlit khalas. Girls don’t have to be housewives or just take of the kids while obeying you like some kind of god. Equality, ya 3am.

AbdelSalam El Nabolsy

Many of us loved this guy; his consistent exaggerated arrogance was always very comedic. But in real life, lifting your nose up high and arrogantly comparing yourself to be better than your significant other is a big no-no. Maybe we're no experts, but the point of getting together is to enjoy each other’s company and share affection. If you feel the need to prove yourself better, you probably should break up.

Yousef Wahby

“Ah ya ol3oban!" The most famous ‘player’ from classical Egyptian cinema, Youssef Beik Wahby, was always trying to pick up hot young girls and engaging in all these love affairs - entertaining in movies, but seriously offensive in real life. As the great Johnny Depp once said, “If you find yourself in love with two women, choose the second. If you really loved the first you wouldn’t have fallen for the second.”

Adel Adham
(Devious and Sly)

Brins el seema fi masr. He was always the devious snake that could never be trusted. Since trust is an essential pillar for happy relationships, the lack of it bte2lib gham wi arraf. The person you are with should be that one you trust when you trust no other; if you find yourself unable to trust or earn the trust, get out because it is not meant to be.

Gamal Ramses
(Sees Matny)

Boys, a girl needs a man. You don’t have to be all macho muscular, but still not tary wi matny kda 3alatool. Be sensitive yet strong, cute yet responsible, and sweet yet dakkar. Asl lao kda ya habibi el bent kannit te2lib lesbian wi tekhlas. Drink some Birell.

Mary Byby
(Macho Girl)


Similarly, girls, a guy needs a lady. It is perfectly ok to be strong and powerful in whatever way, but you don’t have to emasculate the guy. If he loves you and respects you, complement that by being his partner and occasionally his dallo3a that he can pamper.

Nahid Sherif

Aywa di bta3it el makate3 el sakhena yabn el haygana minnak lih. Most (99 percent) of Egyptian guys are horny. They like having so-called 'shemal' girls around for occasional 3at or sex; the kind of girl who has done it with every dude ever. Newsflash, girls, he is going to dump you in the end and marry the non-shemal girl his mom picked out.

Souad Hosny
(Dalo3a Wala Mayssa?)

Fi far2 kbeer fashkh between daloo3a and maysa. Souad Hosny was almost always the adorable cutie in her movies; we all just love her. But being this completely helpless blob of a human who can’t do anything and expects the guy to be and do everything is never going to work. 

Shokry Sarhan
(Too Romantic)

Mr. Mo7n himself with the legendary tasbeela that makes you want to gag. Being romantic is cute and amazing; every relationship needs a good dose of romance. But overdoing it and doing nothing but it tends to become disgusting. Shwaya romance 3ala shwaya jokes 3ala shwaya seriousness; mish kolo mo7n ya3ni.