Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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14 Uniquely Egyptian Gestures

While our language is pretty colourful, we Egyptians have a unique way of communicating without any words. Here are some GIFs to illustrate...

Staff Writer

Egyptians are a very unique nation when it comes to expressing our feelings. We can communicate with each other with a variety of made up curse words, horns, snorts and even using the headlights of our cars, but it's our gestures that really convey what we mean...

Thank you to MO4Network's Mohamed Ashraf for some excellent GIF-acting.

From this Eye to that Eye 

Sweep It

 Rubbing it in

La 7awla wala kowwata ella bellah!

Half and Half 



Are You Crazy?

The Neck Slap 

The Flashlight

Just You Wait



Ride the Wind



I Will Fuck You