Tuesday 6 of December, 2022
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14 of Egypt's Most Beautiful Islands

Ever wanted to buy an island? Well, you can't, but you can visit one of these 14 amazing islands we found for you.

Staff Writer

The idea of an island is mesmerising; something about being surrounded by water on all sides is breathtaking. when you're on an island you get this feeling of being trapped, which actually has a beautiful feel to it - instead of feeling abandoned, you actually feel like your secluded from the world on a little piece of heaven. We found 14 islands around Egypt for you to visit - depending on which one you go to, you might find some recreational facilities while others are completely empty, giving you the feeling that you are Christopher Columbus discovering a new world! 

Pharaoh Island

Pharaoh I sland is located of the coast of Taba, and has been used as an outpost since the days of the Pharaohs. A citadel built by Salah Al Deen Al Ayuby stands there to this day. Day trips to the island are available via tour guides.

Elephantine Island

The historic island of Elephantine has been used by the Pharaohs as a defensive line since it lay near the borders of Nubia. Today, it is in the province of Aswan with some archaeological sites in it. 

El Nabatat

El Nabatat, previously Kitchener's Island, is in the Nile river in Upper Egypt. The Aswan Botanical Garden is located on the island and extends all over it.


Located in a reservoir of the Aswan High Dam, Agilkia has a huge Pharaonic temple called Philae.


Mahmya is the Red Sea's cherry on top; you did not do Hurghada properly if you haven't been to Mahmaya. There are several activities to partake in, as well as a restaurant and bar.

Sehel Island

Sehel is one of the largest islands of the Nile river; it is located near Aswan and is of the few islands of the Nile that remain untarnished.


Located six kilometres away from Sinai, at the entrance of the Strait of Tiran, you can enjoy the clear blue waters of Tiran, and the peace and quiet. In addition, you can check out the shipwreck there; it is considered quite historical. Also, it is known to be home of the sharks. 


Also known as Shaker Island, Shadwan is located between Hurghada and Gouna. It is the largest of the strait of Gubal. At the northeastern side, beautiful coral walls can be found that are more than 40 metres high. In addition, there are certain rare species that divers love to check out. Divers have sometimes seen white-tip reef sharks, dolphins, hawksbill turtles, and even grey reef sharks!

Mukawwa Island

Mukawwa is a very small island off the shore of the Red Sea - at the northern entrance to Foul Bay, slightly north of the Tropic of Cancer. In addition, it is one of the most interesting spots to go diving because there is a sunken ship. You can pretend you’re in The Little Mermaid and take pictures underwater - without the shark chasing you, though.

Banana Island 

Ba-ba-nana ba-ba-ba-nana banana! - as the minions would sing it. The name says it all, it is the land of bananas! Banana Island located in Luxor and is open for tours daily. In addition, it’s one of the best spots to watch the sunset on a felucca while having dinner.

Giftun Island 

Giftun Island is located in Hurghada - 45 minutes away by boat. You can spend the day snorkelling or diving, or just sunbathing.

Abu Monkar

Abu Monkar island is located in the north of Hurghada and is known to be one of the most beautiful diving locations in Egypt. In addition, for those who enjoy water sports, kitesurfing is available. (Photo courtesy of Nadya Shanab)


This beautiful island is located in Marsa Allam and is one of the great spots to go snorkeling.

Honorary mention: El Gezira Island - a.k.a Zamalek

El Gezira island is actually not only Zamalek; half of it is called El Gabalaya, or El Gezira, and the other half is our beloved Zamalek.