Tuesday June 18th, 2024
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Endless (Well, 16) Reasons to Go to Egypt's Western Desert

From unbelievable landscapes and natural souvenirs, to Bedouin parties and countless stars, if you haven't headed West yet, these images are bound to inspire you...

Staff Writer

Endless (Well, 16) Reasons to Go to Egypt's Western Desert

The Mushroom

It's not only surprising this thing still stands but it's also astonishing seeing how the sand has carved this kind of shape into a stone in the course of a few million years.

The Chicken

In the age of heart-shaped trees, a stone shaped as a chicken can't blow you away? What if that rock was formed by wind, sand and nothing more than time?

The Bunny

Okay, so we understand that nature could shape a mushroom, that kind of makes sense... But a bunny? Yes, in the White Desert you will find sandstones that are naturally carved like all sorts of things. This has to be our favourite. Too cute!

Seeing Stars

Those who have never left the city will be unaware of this but behind that foggy cloud that you see when you look up at night there are actually some sparkling little things in that sky. In the White Desert you will see more of them than you can count.


Going up and down the sand seated on top of a Jeep beats every roller coaster. Maybe the threat of impending death adds a bit of adrenaline?

Finding Fossils

The whole of the White Desert used to be the bottom of the sea at some point, a few million years ago. As a result, fossils and even sea shells can be found lying around in all shapes and forms. They make fantastic souvenirs.

Hot Springs

After a couple of days of outdoor camping and adventure in the desert, there is nothing better than to soak up some minerals in the hot water of the famous hot springs.

Experiencing Silence

Being surrounded by sand and rocks only means there will be nothing to listen to but the sound of yourself breathing. Not hearing a single sound is both relaxing and amazing.

Sleeping (and peeing) outdoors

Being one with nature is very literally possible as camping in the White Desert may also mean you may have to leave a couple of bodily fluids in little sand holes. At the same time, you may sleep underneath the stars and fall asleep to counting them.

Crawling in Caves

This cave isn't just fun to crawl through but also features the softest sand a person can possibly feel. It's so soft, it feels more like satin than sand.


Also in the Crystal Valley you will find lots of, you guessed it, crystals. And of course these have been there a few millennia as well. And they also make very nice souvenirs as well as offering a stunning view.

Sand Boarding

Sand boarding may not be limited to the White Desert but it is certainly one of the best spots to do it.

Most  Mesmerising Sunset

Seeing the sun go down on the actual horizon and the spectrum of colour enveloping the entire sky is a beautiful sight.

Mars Landscapes

You are not actually on Mars but visiting the Black Desert, made of ancient volcano debris. And yes, you guessed it, this site is a few million years old. 

Bedouin Partying

Them locals know how to party!

The Shower the Morning After

Nothing, we repeat, nothing will feel as good as the shower after you get home. A new life has begun, both in a spiritual and hygienic way.

All the pictures were taken on Ahmed Abd Desert Trekking Tour!