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17 Pools You Can Use In Cairo (And How Much They Cost)

The weather is getting hotter by the second...

pools in Cairo

Yay, it's almost summer; beaches and pools, no more schools, and water gun duels. Yeah, we did the rhyme on purpose. Chalk it up to our giddiness about the advent of warm weather. But seriously people, can there be anything more important than cooling down by going for a swim in this heat? We know that not everyone can make the trip out to Sukhna or the North Coast every single weekend or that random mid-week day you were 'sick', but you would be surprised at the variety of local places with accessible pools right here in Cairo. Because the heat is difficult enough to deal with, don’t exhaust yourself researching; we made a list for you below.

Heliopolis Club 

Drive on up to Shorouk and go to The Heliopolis Club for just 75 LE on weekdays and 150 LE on weekends.

Nile Country Club 

On the banks of the Nile, for only 95 LE and 125 LE, you can go chill and swim off the hot summer weather. 

Seasons Country Club

 If you live in or near 6th of October City you can go for a dip at for just 200 LE no strings attached.

Royal Club Mohamed-Aly

 Yes we know you think it is all parties and events but you can actually go cool down and use the pool there for just 200 LE, including lunch.

The Pool Club at The Gabriel Hotel

As beautiful as it looks at night, you can unfortunately only go for a swim there during the daytime from 9-6PM, and it only costs 200 LE on weekdays and 250 LE on weekends.

Solaris Pool Club(Women Only)

If you happen to live in the 1st settlement, poolside funsies await you at Solaris. It will only cost you 200 LE if it is a weekday or 250 LE for the weekend.

Sakkara Country Club

 Just a gorgeously relaxing way to spend 250 LE.

Mena House

 A perfect view of the Pyramids and a sexy pool to take a dip in for just 350/person in a double room.

Ramses Hilton

 In the depths of Cairo you can book a room for 2 for just 600-800 LE (depends on the demand) and you would have access to an amazing pool with a picture-perfect view.


You can go for a swim and a day's stay for 600 LE (bring a friend; this is the rate for day use of a room). Plus they've got decent ice cream so there's an extra plus.

Sofitel Cairo El Gezirah

 On the beautiful island of Zamalek you can book a room for day use overlooking the Nile for 600 LE, and couples for 900 LE.

Villa Belle Époque

Head over to Maadi at this petite but gorgeous boutique hotel for 550 LE for two persons.

Renaissance Cairo Mirage City Hotel

 We didn't forget about all of you New Cairo people; the Renaissance will charge you and a friend $80 for a day's use.

JW Marriott Hotel Cairo

 Also nearby, right there in the vicinity you have the option to chill and swim with a couple of friends for 1000 for a triple-room.

Nile Kempinski

 1200 L.E will get you and a friend a room and access to the Nile-view pool.

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

 For the ultimate dalla3, shakhlil wi ibriz bi 1250 LE for a room and a day to spend with a friend by the pool.