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18 Hilarious Arabs to Follow on Social Media

While comedy is the region's preferred genre when it comes to the silver screen, these people are taking things to another level, 15 seconds at a time...



انا لسه واكله يا بيبي /W/ @kabakebe #BentOdamElCrush

A video posted by only god knows. (@mahmoudshafikk) on



Brofessor Mustafa teaching the kids the names of fruits in english. #Apple #Peach #arabvines

A video posted by Mohanad Hattab (@mohanadalhattab) on



All together..

A video posted by Alaa Wardi (@alaawardi) on



A photo posted by Tameem Youness (@tameemyouness) on



شباب اليومين دول

A video posted by Alaa el sheikh (@alaaelsheikh) on



لما تحاول تغش من صاحبك الندل في الامتحان

A video posted by Shady Srour (@shadysrour) on


Amjad Abdelhady

Kareem Hosem

Sherif Fayed


Zozo Bakr

Shubi Taha

Saif Shawaf

Dina Zahra