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19 Ridiculous Egyptian Stereotypes Defied

Wouldn't we just love it if having to wear glasses to see did actually – magically – give us extra brain cells and make us smarter?

Egyptians sometimes refuse to live without stereotyping everyone into a category that is usually – actually, always – made up based on their false perceptions of how life really works. Woah, we really needed to get that out of our chests. But, seriously, why is it when a girl smokes in public she's automatically perceived as loose, or when someone chooses to do music for living they're just seen as a freeloader, or a 3awatli? Luckily, a few people know that these are mere stereotypes – one of them being Ahmed Zaki, who posted a whole album of himself holding up a sign that challenges some of the most common Egyptian stereotypes. We think he may have gotten 99 percent of the stereotypes we've heard throughout our entire lives. These are the ones that hit too close to home:

I joke around a lot – I am not an airhead!
I study arts – I am not stupid (or a failure)!
I wear hoodies – I am not a hacker!
I am a pharmacist – I am not a dealer!
I watch anime – I am not immature!
I have coloured eyes – I am not wearing lenses!
I wear glasses – I am not studious!
I study commerce – I am not a womaniser!
I have a lot of followers – I am not self-centered nor arrogant!
I study engineering – I don't have a mustache!
I work abroad – I am not filthy rich!
I actually support women's rights – I am not here to pick up women!
I don't like studying – I am not a failure!
I am beatboxing – I am not spitting!
I drop some English words in conversation – I am not trying to show off!
I am tall – I am not an idiot!
I am against El Sisi – I am not Ikhwan!
I am from Zamalek – I am not a spoiled brat!
I am just regular noodles – I don't cause cancer!