Sunday 5 of February, 2023
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21 of Egypt's Models To Watch For On Instagram In 2016

Males and females; Mr Egypts and Ms Egypts; fitness models and fashionistas – here's the who's who to be following on Instagram right now. Good luck going through this list without drooling.

Staff Writer

Suzan Salah Idris

Ramy Rainier


@remonelmarkiz and his photography....untouched

A photo posted by Ramy Rainier (@ramyrainier) on

Huda El Mufti


From @fashionobianermine W'015 ..

A photo posted by هدى المفتي (@hudaelmufti) on

Tariq Naguib


Summer vibes are still here #summer#sunnydays#redsea

A photo posted by Tarek Naguib (@tariqnaguib) on

Mony Helal

Youssef Alimam

Menna El Touny

Yusuf Dwairi




A photo posted by Alfie (@zalfiee88) on

Berna Ibrahim

Zain El Masry


A photo posted by @zainelmasry on

Tara Emad

Mohamed Ragabi


Enjoy the moments of silence in the world that never stop talking! #Model #Fashion #EgyptianPower #strong #pose #mensfashion

A photo posted by Mohamed Ragabi (@mohamedragabi) on

Sarah Fasha

Mohamed ElBably

Fawzia Mohamed


A photo posted by Fawzia (@fawzia_mohamed) on

Omar El Sheikh

Donia Hamed


CityStars Campaign

A photo posted by Donia Hamed (@doniahameds) on

Ahmed Hassan

Rahma Hassan


More so much more 🚡🚡🎇🔔

A photo posted by Rahma Hassan (@rahmahassanhaddad) on

Ali Bendari