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ELFIT is Back for Another Season

ELFIT Reebok, one of the leading fitness events in the Middle East, is back again and the competition is tougher than ever this time around! So put down the pizza and find out more...

Listen up; so who doesn’t like living healthy, getting pumped up at the gym, and looking rad, all while simultaneously working on next year’s Sahel forma? Well for most the motivation is usually at the gym amongst your fellow athletes, but what if you need to take things a step up, and really show the world what you’ve got? What if the gym is JUST NOT ENOUGH? You think you have what it takes and you're ready for a challenge? ELFIT Reebok is ready too.

Get ready for ELFIT. No really, like get ready, put down that pizza. The biggest fitness battle to ever hit Egypt, is hitting hard. 3ash ya wa7sh. ELFIT Reebok is one of the leading fitness events in the Middle East, created and managed by In The Zone Sports, in partnership with Misan Sports; two of the foremost sports management companies based in Egypt. Returning for its third season ELFIT has gained massive notoriety at this point for heightening awareness on crucial issues such as fitness and encouraging healthier lifestyles across the country (you're kind of rethinking that burger now aren't you?). The competition involves a series of drills that test athletes' strength, endurance, speed, agility and more. None of which we have but the healthy, athletic humans who join the ELFIT have them in spades. 

This year ELFIT decided to take things to a whole new level, with an updated system, and a much bigger concept. This season will see athletes from all over the region have the chance to compete at the ELFIT Finals through their local partners in each country. Another primary feature which hasn't been introduced elsewhere is the variety of categories in which one can compete. ELFIT has 7 categories:

Males & Females Open 16+ years
Males & Females Masters 35+ years (born in 1980 and older)
Males Masters 46+ (born in 1969 and older)
Mixed Teams (2 males + 2 females + 1 male & 1 female substitutes)
Males Teams (3 males + 2 substitutes)

With registration starting soon, you all should get your gear ready and get pumped up, because this event should be on every fitness freak’s calendar. Get a real evaluation on your fitness and skills, push yourself, and get some blood pumping. It doesn’t matter if you win; trying with like minded people, who know never to say never, is the whole point. So get ready for some excitement, motivation, inspiration, perspiration, passion and joy that all sums up to a one-of-a-kind experience. That you should be a part of. 

Everyone is more than welcome to come and watch ELFIT Main Qualifications next Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of September, the event will kick off at 1.30 PM in Wadi Degla Club in 6th of October. Come cheer on Egypt’s finest athletes pushing their limits to qualify to ELFIT Finals. Entrance is 50 LE for non Wadi Degla members.

Find out more details for ELFIT on their Facebook page here, and on their website.