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5 All-Time Favourite Football Jerseys Egyptians Always Wear

Egyptians have two priorities in life: their mothers and football. Those are the only two things they would never give up. And if their mother doesn't love their favourite team, she lowkey gets downgraded to second place.

Some kids may be born with a gold spoon in their mouth, but Egyptian kids are born with a football at their feet. This means that all Egyptian homes are a huge fanbase for international and national football teams, and there are at least two family members who haven't spoken in 15 years over football-related arguments. It's all part of the inevitable fate of being Egyptian. During any big match, it's nothing short of beautiful to watch all Egyptians react the same exact way – body language, sounds, facial expressions – at every player's bend of the knee. Football is something that brings Egyptians together – Ahly vs. Zamalek situation aside – especially when it's all about our national team.

In the past couple of months, Egypt beat Ghana, flooding the streets with celebration until dawn. Mohamed Salah was named African Footballer of the Year, then our women's football team qualified for the semi-finals for the African Cup. But, one question: why don't we ever wear our own national football jersey? It's a striking shade of red (which looks stunning on our skin tones), and we certainly are proud of our superstars on the field. So why is it that when Egyptians go out, they're sporting these five jerseys the most?



No one's saying we can't show some international Egyptian lovin' when we feel like it, but since we know our Ultras Ahlawy and Ultras White Knights chants by heart, and we're always down to cheer all our teams across Egypt – from Tersana to Wadi Degla, from Skandary to Ismaily – we need to start rocking our team's jersey more. From the empty juice boxes we used as the ball in our hoods' alleys to our backpacks marking the goal nets in the playground at school, all the way to the green field with millions watching us - football is part of being Egyptian. Because OLÉ, OLÉ, OLÉ, OLÉ – we are the champions!

Now you have an even bigger incentive to sport the scarlet red more often, Coca-Cola just announced that they will be replacing your ragged old non-Egyptian football jersey with a brand new all Egyptian one. Never mind that Egypt is awesome, never mind that we invented falafel and beer and built the pyramids, our country's national team is striving to qualify for the 2018 FIFA World Cup and it falls not only on the players to win us that golden trophy. Why should they bother kicking butt if you're too embarrassed to show your red-blooded patriotism!? 

Shoot by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photography by Ahmed Najeeb.

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