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5 Eco-Friendly Egyptian Lifestyle Brands

Haven't you heard? Eco-friendly tables are the new black.

Eco Friendly Egyptian lifestyle brands

Ever thought of using a discarded tire to make a chair? Or perhaps steel to make straws for your Marguerittas? No? Neither have we, to be completely honest. With the concept of eco-friendliness washing over Egypt like a cool breeze in recent years, however, an increasing number of  local lifestyle brands are riding ride the sustainable wave. Using everything from upscyled trees, to bamboo and palm fibers, Egypt's design and homeware studios are getting innovative in their pursuit of creating eco-friendly products, that are still making sure our homes are fresh AF, minus all the guilt. 


Having recently been selected along with 10 other designers around Africa to design  IKEA’s latest homeware and accessories collection, öVERALLT, Reform Studio is a Cairo-based design studio that has garnered international recognition for its sustainable furniture. Looking to create products that are environmentally conscious yet still stylish, Reform Studio designs everything from home accessories and furniture to fashion pieces. Showcasing their sustainable and gorgeous pieces in stores in Zamalek, Maadi and Mohandesseen, the design studio was born with the creation of their first product, Plastex, which won them a number of International Design awards. Plastex is a handmade organic material created with used plastic bags which Reform Studio utilises to make create trendy? designs.

Check them out on Instagram or their website.


Ever wondered where unused chopped down trees go? They go to incineration plants which basically transform waste into energy. However, adamant on not letting the trees' death be in vain, Egyptian design studio, LNZYS decided to give these upcycled trees a real home by molding them into stunning minimalist pieces. Exuding a boho vibe, LNZYS' designs creates everything from chairs, to tables to pots and the best part is, the designs are so unique that you won't risk having the same piece as your frenemy, Nancy. With a boutique located in Pyramid Hills, LNZYS seamlessly merges nature with art to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

Check them out on Instagram or contact them on 0103 032 2881. 


Designing a selection of day to day products, everything from organic cup to tooth brushes to steel straws, Urban Earthlings is an Egyptian brand aiming to create zero-waste and cruelty free products. The online platform even donates a portion of its sales to animal welfare and environmental causes including projects of reforestation among other things. If you're looking to throw a guilt-free dinner party, these brand is definitely your go to as it will be introducing a few more new products soon. And, they make steel straws....that seems like pretty cool straw if you ask us. 

Check them on Instagram or their website.


Looking to promote recycling and the re-purposing of material, Mobikya encourages Egypt to go green by creating trendy and out-of-the-box designs with alternative elements. Founded in 2016, the environmentally-friendly design studio creates everything from tire chairs, to tire art and a variety of other items that'll definitely add a touch of quirky to your homes. Because who doesn't want to be indirectly be saving the world as they sit comfortably on their beautiful tire couch whilst binging on Netflix? Two birds, one stone. 

Check them out on Instagram or contact them on 0101 003 6463



Founded in 2011, studio Meem's first collection, 'Off The Gireed', used palm fibres to create stunning pieces which went on to win the Red Dot Design awards, an international competition for product design, communication design and design concepts. Palm Fibre, which is biodegradable, is found readily in North Africa and is easier to recycle than other material. Located in Downtown Cairo, Studio Meem draws the inspiration for its designs from Egyptian culture while also creating collections and taking part in projects that promote sustainability. Looking to shake up the urban design landscape, much of Studio Meem's designs utilize the country's local artisanal community to create innovative innovative designs. 

Check them out on Facebook or their website