Friday March 31st, 2023
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5 Irish Reasons to Drink Jameson’s Instead of Wearing a Green T-Shirt on St. Patrick’s Day

If you authentically want to celebrate Irish pride on St. Patrick's Day then here are five reasons to ditch the meaningless green T-shirt for a glass of Jameson.

Staff Writer

The whole world seems to agree that March 17th is the one day in the year that anyone from anywhere can collectively get into the Irish Spirit. Of course, we speak of St. Patrick’s Day, aka the saint that has been bringing friends together throughout the ages creating some of the most memorable nights in party people’s lives. It’s difficult to pinpoint this celebrations origins or traditions, but one thing we know for sure is that there are at least five reasons why celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Jameson is more relevant than wearing a meaningless green T-shirt.

It seems like the only reason people wear green on St. Patrick’s Day is because green is one of the three colours that make up the country’s flag. We imagine picking the colour orange would have probably pissed off the Dutch while wearing white would be incredibly boring and highlight stains that are often inevitable hanging out with friends in bars. If the goal is to celebrate the flag then consider the fact that Jameson Irish Whiskey is triple distilled which is a better representation of a tri-colour flag than simply wearing a single colour.
If you truly must wear your Irish pride then wearing a Jameson t-shirt would be a more suitable Irish tribute than wearing a green T-shirt. For starters T-shirts only began appearing in 1913 as they were used as undergarments by the U.S navy in the Spanish-American War. Meanwhile, Jameson’s Irish Whiskey dates back to 1780 making it a longer standing Irish tradition that actually originates in Dublin – Ireland’s capital city.Another argument in the case to ditch the green T for a green bottle of Jameson is that Jameson’s is the number one Irish whiskey in the world. Drinking an Irish recipe that is over 200 years old is a lot cooler and original than following the clueless masses wearing a green T-shirts that were likely made in a sweat shop in Asia.Sometimes people will wear green, but will think they really hit the message home with a silly slogan like “Kiss me I’m Irish”. If you are one of the people wearing this T-shirt then there’s a 99% chance you are not Irish and a 100% chance that others think you are lame. If you must wear a shirt that shows Irish pride then consider Jameson’s slogan Sine Metu which translates to Fear a Little Less – Live a bit more, and seems like the perfect way to spend St. Patrick’s Day.In the end, St. Patrick’s Day is less about what you wear and more about who and where you spend it. In Egypt, this celebration continues to grow in popularity. If you want to be original ditch the green T-shirt and authentically show your Irish spirit by sharing a glass of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey with your friends.

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