Saturday May 25th, 2024
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5 Things Divorced Egyptian Women are Tired 0f Hearing

Online magazine Nooun has a new campaign dedicated to empowering women after going through a divorce.

Staff Writer

5 Things Divorced Egyptian Women are Tired 0f Hearing

Divorce has long been a taboo subject in Egypt, let alone an actual course of action. Women in Egypt who seek divorce and actually follow through with it hear all sorts of discouraging words about their new status that simultaneously aim to restrain them and teach them about their expected lifestyle. Anyone who has met a divorcee knows that "You've ruined your life" is just the beginning of endless things women will hear about themselves. This is a result of the whole region's dislike for women existing without the constant overlooking and supervision of a man in their life. Once a woman is divorced, she is expected to abide by restrictions when it comes to her personal image, agency over her, career choices, and overall behaviours. That's why the Nooun campaign is looking to break these notions of marital status-based marginalisation and society's fear of divorce, under the campaign of 'Bokra Leeki', which means 'Tomorrow Is Yours'; it mainly hopes to encourage women to value this stage in their life just as any other stage one experiences.

As part of their campaign, they compiled five harsh phrases women often hear in the process of separating from their partners:

They say: If anything happens to the kids, it's her fault...

They say: She's a home wrecker....

They say: She didn't make the right choice from the beginning... 

They say: She couldn't take care of her home..
They say: She's easy...
Participate in the campaign or learn more about it on their website or via Facebook @NoounOfficialpage.
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