Friday 2 of December, 2022
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5 Unique Clubs You Can Join Today

Whether you're into meditating or embracing your inner queen, playing board games or just getting wild, there's a club or society for everyone on

Staff Writer

OK, let’s face it, from Hotel California to that fucking goal we scored eons ago in that one World Cup, we seem to get stuck… We find something we like that is mediocre and fine and we just keep doing it over and over. Our friends are no different. They do the same thing, day in and day out; they talk about the same shit, and hang out in the same places. But for a weird few this is getting old and repetitive and rightfully so.

And with that we bring to you, where you can ditch those old boring farts we call friends and find your true tribe the people that share your interests and hobbies and well meet up and do what you love to do most with like-minded individuals. Perfect? We think YES.

This is how it works, you register on the site, browse through the groups, and see if anything strikes your interest. If so you join the group and see if there is an upcoming meeting and you show up to the book club or the meditation get together. If nothing is happening in your group of interest you can suggest a meet up. If you’ve browsed through the site, and there’s no cat house party meet up for example, you can start your own; you’d be surprised how many people want to bring their cats and attend a cat house party with nut jobs like yourself. There are a few questions specific to each group to make sure you enter and to prevent people just showing up for the free coffee at the Spanish speaking club without speaking one word of Spanish.

Here are 5 of our favourite upcoming meet ups

1. Cairo Book Club


Reading books is awesome, but have you ever read a book and then sat and picked other people’s brains over what this chapter meant or what the author was trying to say when he did this or that? It’s like literature class when the teacher would point out all these hidden metaphors and analogies that made you see the text in a completely different light.

Boasting over 400 members this group reads English books. 

2. Breath Energy Health Meditation 

This group is a very active meditation group with spiritual enthusiasts seeking peace, calm, serenity and mindfulness. With over 800 members you will almost definitely feel at home and amongst your tribe. Did we mention it’s FREE (other meditation courses we’ve looked at cost thousands per month).

Everyone is welcome, and tyou won’t find the typical selfie taking meditator that walks the realm of the Instagram world.

3.The Cairo Queens: Ladies Only Group

Women from all different backgrounds meet and educate each other about different cultures, and facilitate more conversations to promote peace and understanding. They are aiming to organise benefit shows for different organisations and raise money or to get involved in human/animal rights causes issues locally.

With over 500 queens from all over the world you can join up and become a queen and get involved. 

4. I am Happy Project.

There was a time when punching happy people in our heads was one of our favourite pastimes; things have changed as we became more happy and we’re sure one person caught the bug at the office and infected everyone else. According to a study from Harvard Medical School, and the University of California, San Diego, “When an individual becomes happy, the network effect can be measured up to three degrees. One person’s happiness triggers a chain reaction that benefits not only his friends, but his friends’ friends, and his friends’ friends’ friends. The effect lasts for up to one year.” Since whatever is focused on grows, this group aims at being happy and hanging out doing fun shit. For example, they had a generosity day where they bought a sandwich or meal to a stranger or a friend. 

Last week, they visited the pyramids and they also occasionally just have the random cafe hangout with almost 2000 members you can rest assured this group will never run out of ideas, or meet ups.

5.Cairo Role Playing Games: RPGs

We know you wished this was a different kind of roleplaying group, cheeky. Well, this is for the nerd in you. If you play RPG games like pathfinder, 3.5, Starwars or Munchkins, the founder is willing to host in his Zamalek apartment but also willing to be hosted. With two upcoming events you best get your wizard gear ready, and pull the closet geek out to rejoice amongst other like minded folk.