Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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5 Ways To Celebrate 420 in Egypt

This is like, totally the most crucial day on any stoner's calender...

Staff Writer

Stoners understand that today is a sacred day of celebrating an organic plant that helps give meaning to life. Waking and baking, a community that's much bigger than you think in Egypt is wonder what they should do to commemorate 420. Everyone has their own way of celebrating and we wouldn’t dare take it away from you dude, so chill out, it’s all cool, but were just saying these five things would be pretty fun to do today.

 Take a Jamaican Shower

Mellow out under the radar with a shower and dube. Running hot water while you smoke supposed to like, totally increase the buzz and take care of the smell. We think it like, opens your skin pores and like, maybe your sinuses or something. Or maybe it’s like, the hot air settles to the ground and kinda pushes the good smoke to head level so you breathe it in more. We're not sure that’s just what some guy told us last year. Anyways seems like a good way to start the day.

There are three types of stoners those who celebrate; Those who stay in smoking as much as possible, those who seek adventure, and those who work and will smoke before going to bed.

Those Who Seek Adventure

XD Ride

Normally we’d say go to the IMAX, but everything out is stale. We heard that there was like a 7 or 8D cinema, seriously, it sounds crazy real and you get to like wear shades and be like, part of the movie and shoot zombies or something. 

Play Hide and Seek at Ikea

Get hulked with your friends and travel back in time to your childhood. We may be grown or growing but we still can have fun and there is like no better fun then playing hide and seek around an Ikea. You can totally find a dozen places to rip a hit; the trick is remembering you’re playing a game. Or we’re we? We're not sure anymore. Are we hiding or seeking? Those meat balls look good. Let's just pass out here on this green duvet.

Stoner Movie Marathon

No celebration is complete without deciding which couch you plan on melding with. Once you settle into your ass groove, like totally make sure all your tools are within arm’s reach, as moving around will become so lame. Before sparking, maybe load up all your movies, because making decisions will increasingly be harder. If you are already too blazed to decide here are a few suggestions.

Arabic Movies

Khali el Dema3' Sa7i : This movie is awesome sauce, it’s about this guy who like decided to quit smoking after finding a magical genie who offers him help to get his life back on track. However, life is like a bummer, and after dealing with the hard knocks decides time was better spent high and returns to the green lifestyle.

El Keif: This movie is mega funny trying to prove that our beloved is nothing more than a placebo effect. This movie is a classic filled with nuggets of comedic gold courtesy of his majesty el Keif King.

English Movies

Reefer Madness: You aren’t celebrating 420 properly, buddy, without watching this film. Reefer Madness is like this anti-herb propaganda movie made by people who have never smoked before. The narc’s interpretation of highness is so basic that this film fails so hard it’s good. Any true pothead has seen this film.

Harold and Kumar Go Somewhere: We were so punched when we watched this we can’t even remember where they end up, but like, we remember them like, getting high with a tiger or maybe that was in Dude, Where’s My Car?

The Big Lebowski: Dude epitomises the high life and like totally has his rug peed on by German nihilists threatening to cut off his Johnson. Enough said.

Honourable mentions: Dazed and Confused, Supertroopers, and anything with Method Man in it.


We shouldn’t have to tell you how important munchies are to the 420 equation. Thankfully Egypt is the land of delivery, so if you don’t want to go out and abuse an all you can eat buffet, then we recommend ordering something monstrous and stupid like a pizza with crust stuffed with fried chicken.

To end the day we recommend that no 420 is complete without a hot box. So find an enclosed space, a car, closet, whatever you think you can fill up with smoke and forget what day it is.