Monday July 22nd, 2024
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5 of the Best Nurseries in Cairo

In Dokki, 6th of October, Heliopolis and New Cairo, these are the city's best nurseries.

Staff Writer

5 of the Best Nurseries in Cairo

The minute they come into existence kicking and screaming for air and attention, they instantly snatch spots in our hearts that are hard to fill with anything or anyone else. We watch our babies slowly grow into tiny human beings who have their own voice, talents, and reasons to get them up in the morning, albeit with sugar-packed treats or overpriced dolls.

Fast-forward a few months and years comes the day when we have to let them be and send them in for their very first experiences in the real world, which is instrumental to the kind of people they grow up to be. In an attempt to lend a helping hand to Egyptian parents to pick what's best for their offspring's development and future, here's a list of some of the best nurseries in Cairo.


Solely possessing memberships in the American and German Chambers in Egypt, this top nursery, located in Dokki and Heliopolis, offers a child development and education system that doesn't leave much to be desired. Undiscovered talents, superb language skills, and polite manners, are the premium nursery's top priorities when it comes to setting up its engaging activities and fostering its culture. The professionally-trained staff is handpicked to guarantee the highest teaching quality and to encourage the young stars to step out of their comfort zones and take the first tiny steps towards being exceptionally talented and well-mannered adults. Esparanza admits children aged 3 months up to 7 years-old.

Dokki Branch: 17 Ismail Abu El Fouotuh Street, Off Fini Square, in front of Misr El Dawli Hospital, Dokki

Tel: 33371454 or 01227400082

Heliopolis Branch: 5 Giza Street Off Beirut Street, 2nd left after QNB bank, Heliopolis

Tel: 24506709 or 01229696975 

Courtesy of Top 10 Cairo

In the heart of the green haven that is Maadi lies Kompass, an exceptional international nursery that offers educational programs in English, German, and Arabic, kick-starting your children's language acquisition skills at a very early age. Special attention is paid to health and nutrition at Kompass, with weekly checkups specially designed to monitor growth and physical development, parents can rest assured their children are left in safe hands.

Address: Street 83, Maadi Al Khabiri Ash Sharqeyah, Al Maadi, Cairo Governorate 11431

Tel: 02 23802977

Urban Toddlers

In 2009, Urban Toddlers opened in Zamalek with a unique vision as to what constitutes a continuing learning experiences. Focusing on providing real-life experiences to the children, in which they can learn and acquire knowledge, Urban Toddlers' approach to education is centred around the philosophies of pioneering child psychologist Jean Piaget. Children are given the tools and practices to foster their abilities and cognitive skills under the supervision and guidance of their exceptionally trained staff.

Address: 4 Emaret El Yemeni Street, Zamalek, Cairo

Tel: 02 27366586  

Kids Camp

One of the most spacious nursery campuses in town. The nursery applies a Canadian checkpoint-system with which parents can monitor their children's development. Fun activities are incorporated in the educational system in the most efficient style. The nursery also has two big swimming pools, so you know your kids are not going to be stuck in a classroom on those long summer days.

Address: 5th Settlement Behind Akhnaton School, New Cairo 

Tel: 0102 854 4266

Leap Development Hub

Another exceptional nursery in New Cairo, only this one adopts an inclusive 360 approach to learning and skill-development. Educational, physical, creative, cognitive, and health needs are the main focuses of Leap, which also offers a fun big campus with different theme-based environment to boost creativity and intelligence.

Address: New Cairo, Fifth Settlement, North Ninety Street, Katameya Plaza Mall, Sodic

Tel: 0101 388 8855