Tuesday March 21st, 2023
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5 of the Most Expensive Properties in Sahel

Is there ever such thing as too many bathrooms when it comes to your summer residence? We round up some of the most grand and elaborate villas for sale on the North Coast now...

Staff Writer

Egyptian economy is at an all time high, tourism is booming. Our EGP seems to be out for revenge, it’s crushing the US dollar, and has the Euro in it’s sight as who to bash next. LOL, JK. Either way, there's always people with money to spend and when your status is this pro, where do you go? Sahel, ya bro! Here are some of the grandest properties currently on the market on the North Coast, for when you've got a few million to spare.

Hacienda White Villa: 6,000,000 LE

This listing is for peace and quite lovers; with this very private listing your basically surrounded by desert in all four directions, so buy plenty of sugar as you won’t have any neighbours. And if you and your family happen to suffer from being gassy and or if diarrhea runs in your family DNA this is totally for you.  For a mere 6,000,000 LE you can rest assured you will be able to take a shit whenever you damn please.

Marina 1 Villa: 13,000,000 LE 

We’ll start off nice and slow, we love ma7shy, to be honest who doesn’t but have you ever wanted to take it to the next level and eat it at the beach, but couldn’t because of all the social stigma surrounding this good old fashion Egyptian past-time? Why be pressured by all those Hacienda elitists when all you want is to eat some ma7shy and be real? Well now you can and it just so happens to be located at a historical site: MARINA 1. This 460 m² villa features a spacious reception, six bedrooms, two living rooms, a dining room, a maid's room, a driver's room, 7 bathrooms, a storage room, a laundry room and a terrace. And look at that epic pool.

Marassi Villa: 11,200,000 LE

Just imagine all the women you can get with this Zorro inspired type of building? For the sexually depraved, egotistic, compensating for “you know what” Antonio Banderas in you, we bring you this beautiful villa located at the Marassi resort on the North Coast. This 515 m² villa features a spacious reception a dining area, a living room, five bedrooms, a maid's room, a guard's room, seven bathrooms and a garage. The master suite has its own private bathroom and dressing room. Note: This house will not bestow it’s magic upon you unless you have a donkey in the parking lot, a driver named Xavier in the kitchen and a sombrero in your heart.

Marassi Villa: 20,930,000 LE 

For the family who like a bargain, comes a seven bedroom, six bathroom sprawling villa, marketed much like 99c Store - we mean, just call it an 21,000,000, ok? Located in Marassi and with a private pool and a free daily culture shock for when you step outside the development's gates, this is for those who like to be everywhere, all the time.

Hacienda White Villa: 21,398,900 LE

Surround yourself with the creme de la creme of Egypt at Hacienda White for less than 22 million! That seems like a wise investment. This is what the compound boasts, though this particular property only has five bathrooms. If you can handle the embarrassment of only having five bathrooms, you'll also have exclusive access to eight large beach side lagoons, a club house, boutique hotel, and an elegant spa. And for those looking to end a morning at the beach with some shopping, Il Corte Mall is home to a select range of fashionable retail outlets (H&M, probably), as well as hip cafes (Grand Cafe, most likely) and dining spots (Hardee’s, defo). The resort that simply has it all... But do you?