Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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6 Home Décor Styles for Every Personality

Your home is your den, and Gemma Ceramics thinks it should reflect your personality from head to toe, from floor to ceiling.

Staff Writer

The mere bland floor lining your mother drags you to pick out for the new bathroom is a thing of the past. Dressing up your walls with decorative tiles in an individualistic expression is just as essential as your wardrobe choices; you have to be fashionable, sleek and chic – and most of all, it has to be you! Of course, that’s easier said than done – we know you hear us, fashion disasters. Literally speaking, tiles have always been the pieces to the puzzle you put together to create a space. Thankfully, Gemma Ceramics got our backs in the décor arena, as the ceramic wizards are reviving ceramic art by creating all kinds of hip, elegant and downright abstract tiles. This summer, they’re launching a new collection characterized by patterns, geometry, high-definition texture, and personality – challenging the claim that “you can't please everyone.” Proof? Here are six lines from the collection that match six different distinct personalities:

'Rio' for the Deconstructed Appreciator

This line is for those who find it impossible to have a singular taste – this is for the casual, free-spirited lover of nature and arts. This is for those who fall in love with all that is aesthetically appealing. People, patterns, shapes, and colours enchant them and they wholeheartedly believe the world is overflowing with too many beautiful things to stick to just one style. While it's neat, simple and clean-cut at the core, it's also exuberant with strong and pastel colours, complementing one another in sharp geometric shapes. This is a rare surface found on earth where all tastes may lay and still live in peace – small bits and pieces of everything sticking together, like a true Deconstructed Appreciator. 

'La Caire' for the Rustic Nostalgic

This personality you’ll often see at every tanoura and oud show, or you'll run into them hipster 2ahawi-hopping, whirling their way through sufi-inspired cafés, quoting Naguib Mahfouz, and diving into the glory days of Andalusia. A collaboration with the Egyptian home décor brand Joud, this line is basically a chip of a block on Muizz Street invigorated with quirky modernity. It celebrates the Egyptian culture through splattered traditional patterns with an explosion of colour. It’s hip, it’s summery but most of all, it’s folksy – basically, the backdrop of a Rustic Nostalgic’s daydream. The tiles look mosaic in style and are charmingly ordained with old wooden chairs, doors and shababeek.

'Valeria' for the Modern Classic

Though it definitely sounds oxymoronish, the Modern Classic is the love child of contemporary and old-school. These are for the ones who dress down a tweed jacket with washed out jeans for a casual outing – they know the value and timelessness of simplicity, though not afraid to incorporate new elements to it. And that’s what would make them opt for this line every single time – pigmented with pastel and soft colours, contrasted with beautiful curvy drawn-like-shapes, and bordered with hard constructed lines. The design seems effortless in its classiness.

'Wonder' for the Industrial Businessman

The industrial businessman doesn’t necessarily own a company or is a business mogul, but rather shares similar values and taste. The line, fundamentally, reflects the industrial businessman personality; the tiles look edgy, ironclad, and powerful, with what looks like gold-filled cracks in them – a commemoration of solid characters and tastes. Reflective for the industrial businessman who is composed and secure, yet, craves the thrill of risk and unexpectedness. We say it's for the kind who owns, or would own, a Volvo and drives at 200km per hour – while these tiles serve as their road to an adrenaline rush and a pot of gold.

'Chance' for the Detail-Obsessed

This is made through a process that would only serve to please the Detail-Obsessed – one who respects talent and hard work (most likely the person who corrects your grammar on Facebook). Usually, having the personality is of an avid lover of craftsmanship and paying close attention to detail makes them hard to please – this line, though, will definitely pass the test. A patchwork of different designs of marble with wood looking ceramics that mesh well with one another, it has every single tile looking like a unique piece of its own due to all the intricate detailing. The 50 shades of brown and textures on each tile leaves you skeptical, wondering if it's real wood or not – you will definitely be tempted to touch.

'Serena' for the Fancy Shmancy

Who comes to mind here, you ask? The Fancy Shmancy, who have an obsessive but understandable attraction towards all that shines and all that glitters, they happen to thrive in the spotlight and think entrepreneurship is the future. The line is made up of metallic shades colourblocked together and adorned with delicate gold lace-like embellishment – it's eye-catching, but still maintains the classy aspect. It satisfies the Fancy Shamncy’s need for long-term doses of stylish and sophisticated surroundings. The Fancy Shmancy knows a good investment when they see it, and those tiles will decorate their runway life.

This isn't a personality test, but we bet you're wondering which type you are. If not, and you happen to be another personality completely, or the rare combination of both, make sure to visit Gemma Ceramics' showrooms and find which tiles are for you – ranging from the classics to other lines from this collection.

Until then, don't forget to visit their Facebook, and their official website.