Sunday June 4th, 2023
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6 Magical Free Trips You Can Take in Egypt

We hit up to find the best and most unique vacations you can take for free across Egypt, in return for working or volunteering on site.

Staff Writer

Egypt is full of unique work exchange opportunities that let your skills pay for your food and accommodation at unique and exotic locations. We hit up help exchange forum HelpX.Net to discover some awesome opportunities right here in Egypt where you lend a helping hand in return for a one of a kind experience.

Location: Nuweiba

All Year: Yes

Persons: Two (18+)

Category: Accommodation Business

This camp by the Red Sea is offering a valuable experience in Bedouin culture. Their aim is to improve their camp whilst having fun. 

The skills required are to have experience with handcrafts, be hard working and creative, able to commit five hours of work a day, six days a week and have experience in one of the following: plumbing, carpentry, building, electrics, or mechanics. 

Free snorkeling, kayaking and other sea activities are offered.

This resort is for lovers of simplicity, operated by a German family, it is the most quite and least crowded camp in South Sinai, made up of just 20 straw huts and bungalows spread over a vast 400m stretch of rocky cliffs and coral beach.

Location: Ras Sudr

All Year: Yes

Persons: Two

Designers and graffiti artists are encouraged to apply for art work required at a surf camp. In exchange for helping design the camp, you will receive free breakfast and accommodation and 50% off the kitchen menu.

Location: Dahab

All Year: Yes

Persons: One or two

This is a charming experimental micro farm and animal sanctuary by the mesmerising Red Sea, featuring a mandala of vegetable and herb gardens, an organic bio-pool, Moringa and fruit trees, and many animals (most of them rescued) including goats, chickens, donkeys, birds, monkeys, dogs and a cat. With a beach right at the front door and an aim to live in harmony with the wonders of Mother Nature and returning to a more simple yet ultimately fulfilling way of life. 

Volunteers will be talking walks with the donkeys, milking goats and monitoring gardens daily (sowing, thinning, harvesting). A one month minimum commitment is required as much of the work requires a bit of training.





Location: Luxor

All Year: Yes

Persons: One or Two 


This listing is for a vet hospital and animal care in the centre of the city. Tending to 200 animals a day, ranging from horses and donkeys, to dogs and cats, they’re aiming at improving the lives of these animals, not only by treatment but also through education and prevention. The service is free for the less fortunate animal owners who rely heavily on their animals to feed, clothe and house their families. General volunteers can help with animal care, greeting guests and showing them around. However if you have any veterinary experience, then your help would be greatly appreciated at this facility.


Location: St. Catherine

All Year: Yes

Persons: Two

A lodging located in the centre of the magical, historical, and charming village of St. Catherine, for an out of this world experience. Everyone is welcome but mostly people who are willing to work and develop an eco-farm and conserve the existing flora in the vicinity, do some home-improvement projects (Involving carpentry and masonry), photograph and film the landscape, develop an after-school activity centre for the local Bedouin children and inspire and be inspired.


Location: Nuweiba

All Year: Yes

Persons: Three

Work at this Bedouin tourist camp and become part of a family, work varies depending on the season and the amount of guests. If you decide to join you get free food and your own hut… When busy, tasks including meal preparation, clean-up and so on… At times where the camp is not so busy, you can help with designing or how to run things more practically. In your free time you can snorkel, trek mountains or visit with the Bedouins in their homes or take short trips to visit many beautiful towns and villages surrounding Nuweiba.