Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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6 Quirky Local Gift Ideas for Your Next Housewarming

Here are six local brands that have got the quirky knickknacks we so desire, whether you want them for your own room or to make for a housewarming gift.

Staff Writer

We’ve been on a mission to find some sexy new items that aren’t just your go-to coffee table magazines and plastic plants— you know, the kind of stuff that'd make for a nice gift or an interesting ice breaker. Here are six local brands that have got the quirky knickknacks we so desire.


These customized acrylic music plaques are perfect for that budding producer who keeps sending you their Soundcloud profile. DM them for orders.


Using acrylic and resin pouring to recreate the sea into clocks, trays, cups, and other homeware, Varinia lets you own a little bit of nature. Order through their DMs.


This local brand creates maps of cosmic constellations at a specific time and place of your choosing, making for a perfectly celestial way to celebrate an anniversary. Order on


Tecent uses the power of salt rocks to create lamps that will elevate your space - and if you're into the healing energy talk, they can neutralize negativity and anxiety too. Order through their DMs.


This shop handmakes everything from pots, wall hangings and rugs out of spun rope for that uber beachy aesthetic. Order on


With dozens of perfectly sized wall stickers you can use to put your own wall collage together, this is an easy way to get that Pinterest-y room decor. Order through their DMs.