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6 Reasons Everybody's Buzzing About Sea Salt in Sahel

Sea Salt Beach Bistro and Bar in Sahel is all mellow beachy vibes and gourmet seafood creations. And there's a whole lot of lobster involved.

Sahel has become the go-to spot for gastronomical activities with everyone and their mama seeming to have a favourite restaurant that they visit on every trip. But, every once in a while, we like doing 'something new' to excite ourselves and regenerate our much-needed summer energies. Word on the street is, there is a new kid on the block, descended from U Bistro & Bar, and that shares the same expert French Chef, Sea Salt Beach Bistro and Bar. They are upping the classy game with extravagant seafood plates, and delicious new creations – everyone who's gotten a dose of it won't stop talking about it, and now we've got six whole reasons to explain their obsession:

Octopus Carpaccio

An exquisite Mediterranean coastal spin on the beef carpaccio has got us wondering if it's what rich people call hors d'oeuvre (an appetizer, by the way) – which it is. Consider us appetised, please! The slices of raw octopus – fresh from the sea – are tender, flavoursome, and masterfully drizzled with olive oil for a healthy and fancy touch – it is quite the refreshing treat after draining Sahel nights.


We can lay down on the beach, kickback and have these titillating heaps of scrumptious mussels served right to us. The sea shells harbour the most delicious delectables, perfected to the right amount of chewy and savory. Beautifully garnished and impeccably seasoned with salt and lemon, they are more than perfect to couple with icy cold margaritas.


This is what a sociologist would call the hipster-bourgeoisie pie. Colourful and cooked in a wood-fired oven, the artisanal pizzas at Sea Salt are embellished with chunks of mozzarella ready to be sliced through. It's topped with plenty of fresh organic produce and extravagant toppings exploding with flavour further proving our long standing point that nothing is more perfect than pizza.

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Our favourite cheesy comfort food has been upgraded to our new favourite comfort food of all times by the wizards at Sea Salt. This time with a touch of the Mediterranean, the melty bites will surprise you with mouthwatering lobster. Oh, and it's served in cute, quirky pans.

 Lobster Caesar Salad

Despite what some people may say, salads are not rabbit food. And to maintain that bikini body you worked all winter for, you don't have to suffer through one more tasteless meal at Sea Salt. Their Lobster Caesar Salad renovates the classic salad into a fun beachy one. We promise you'll still look just as hot.


The flaky, buttery dessert transcends all that's ethereal, and it will transport you to a fancy beach in southern France. Pastries, with a decadent and simplistic taste, are the perfect way to indulge after each and every hearty seafood meal.