Thursday September 28th, 2023
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6 Reasons Why You Totally Need to Spend The Summer in Soma Bay This Year

In case you're wondering where we will spend the summer this year, or if for some reason you're worried about our well-being during the hotter months, we'll be in Soma Bay with our shades on for these six reasons.

Staff Writer

Summer is peaking through more and more each day, and the sun is slowly scolding us. The more we get scolded, the more we start to plan that epic summer holiday that we've been saving our annual leave for. But it's not a real holiday if we didn't engage in fun activities while still doing the basics, like going to the beach or the pool, getting a massage, or going for walks. Because we can get all of that at Soma Bay, away from the mess that is Cairo, here are six reasons why you need to join us at Soma Bay this summer. *Puts shades on* 

Wild Events and International Artists

To capture the full experience of actually holidaying somewhere along the coast, one must participate in a festival or a wild event and post pictures on social media to prove that you are actually having a good time. You only have to check out pictures from the last Soma Bay Music Festival that took place over Easter to gather that things got real hot. You had The Dire Straights Experience, Romanian band Freestay, and The Gypsy Kings all light up the place like it was a Michael Jackson concert in the 90’s!

Soma Bay regularly invites international bands in massive concerts and suddenly it’s like you're 17 again and full of the energy and thrill of an entire crowd in a mosh pit. Can you imagine what they have planned for the summer?

 All of the Hotels and Luxury

One of the things that makes Soma Bay particularly attractive to most people who visit, is the plethora of options they have for accommodation. Different areas of the bay are marked by various attractions. For example the Bay West area is more family oriented with tranquil surroundings and gorgeous architecture. But the Soma Breeze project is contemporary and hip, perfect if you want a lavish apartment by the beach and a vibrant atmosphere. And if you’re not really into the residential compounds, you’ve a bunch of luxury hotels to stay in such as Kempinski or Westin, or you can chose one of their resorts for an adventure filled experience.

 Kite Surfing Haven

Why wouldn’t you go to Soma Bay to kite surf when 7BFT Kite House is dedicated to providing you with everything you need to do it even if you have no previous experience? More than that, when do you ever get the opportunity to basically glide on water?

 Diving and Snorkelling With Sea Creatures

When you’re done kite surfing, those little fish beneath you would actually like the chance to meet you. The Orca Dive Centre has an agreement with the fish and the coral reefs of the Red Sea for you to visit them while you’re in Soma Bay. Don’t be rude, either go for a dive or a snorkel to say hello.

 Crazy Huge Golf Course

An enormous green golf course by the crystal blue waters? You don’t really get a scene like that anywhere else in Egypt. The Cascades Championship Golf Course is the first to open for play on the western Red Sea coast.

 Spa Retreats

You’ve been working really hard all year. While you’re here you may as well try to reverse all of the physical trauma that Cairo put you through between sitting in traffic and having to use the stairs when the elevator stops working – first world problems are tough, alright? At The Cascades Spa and Thalasso, you can soak up some hydrotherapy goodness, spa treatments, and traditional massages to bring back that child-like flexibility you haven’t felt since you were a baby.

*The content of this article is sponsored. 

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