Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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7 Egyptian Student Charity Organisations Bringing Smiles to Faces in Need This Ramadan

If you're still looking for ways to give back to your community, check out these initiatives led by community-minded youths.

Staff Writer

Many of us are thinking about how we can use this time to make a positive impact on our respective communities. If you want to help, but aren’t sure where to begin, check out these 7 youth-led campaigns that are reaching out to those in need. These inspiring groups of students and young people are sharing the joy of Ramadan with the people in their communities who need their help the most. You can help by donating either your time or your money to these charitable organisations to make a difference during this special month.

1. Mashroo3 Kheir AUC - Donating money feels pretty good, but it feels even better when there’s ice cream involved! Mashroo3 Kheir AUC is battling this hot weather with an ice cream sale, and all the proceeds will be used for their Ramadan food packs project. They’ll also happily accept your donation with nothing in return, but everything is better with ice cream. You can find the event details on their Facebook page.

2. LEO Club of Alexandria Apollo - LEO Club, the youth-led chapter of the Lions Club, will be distributing hot meals to underprivileged families every single day throughout Ramadan. “Sure we are not waiting for something in return, but that smile you see on the faces of those in need, which gives you a special feeling of satisfaction, is priceless,” says Ahmed El Gamasy, the club’s membership director. This year, the group hopes to collect 3,000 food packages and distribute them to families in Alexandria, Edfeena, Rasheed, and Kafr Eldawar. Check out their Facebook page for more information about how you can volunteer or donate.

3. Volunteers In Action - Volunteers in Action are striving to nourish the needy in various locales including Kafr Hakim, Meet Okba, and several orphanages. For only 145 EGP, you can purchase a large food pack containing several kilos of healthy food. In addition to donations, they are seeking volunteers to join their packing party. You can find out more about the organisation of Facebook.

4. Alashanek Ya Balady - This rapidly-expanding student organisation is launching a campaign called Ebset Yadak (Reach Out) across multiple universities throughout Cairo. They’ll be helping their communities with donations and food, and are seeking donors and volunteers to propel their cause. You can find out more about their work on their Facebook event page.

5. Kolna Mesa7raty - Ihlam GUC, Bedaya, and AYB GUC are joining forces this Ramadan to launch a massive campaign that will be supplying food packages, fresh water stations, and roof repair to impoverished families. They are hoping to exceed 3,000 food packs this year. A donation of 150 EGP will fund their development projects and one food pack, but any amount will be accepted. There is more information on their Facebook event page.

6. Metgama3een - Rotaract Al-Montazah and Rotaract Agor, the youth chapters of the Rotary Club in Alexandria, are distributing Ramadan meals to needy families in the suburbs and small villages surrounding Alexandria. To know more about how to donate or volunteer, consult their Facebook page.

7. Resala - Started in 1999 by students from the Faculty of Engineering, Resala at Cairo University aims to inspire Egyptians to create a culture of positivity and volunteering in Egyptian society. In addition to volunteers for community events, Resala also accepts donations to support people in need all over the country. You can find out more through their website.

Photo: Aly Hazza/Vice