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7 Facial Care Fails Egyptian Women Are Guilty Of

We've been there, we've done that, and we've ended up with some awful results. No need to recount the pain(s); let's start doing things that make our skin breathe and live happily ever after, shall we?

Not everybody can pull off the Alicia Keyes no makeup look because, well, it's Alicia Keyes, but also because Egyptians have some awful habits when it comes to facial care. You know, quick fixes, or making a mask of everything in our pantry that gives us an unbeatable outbreak right before an important event. So, as we sit here picking at our zits, we scrolled through Instagram and started obsessing over other people's skin – naturally. We came across a pretty interesting coincidence: a lot of pretty zit-less people have posted photos of an extraterrestrial device that seems to be related to beauty.

Cue our investigative skills that are not unlike that of an overly attached girlfriend; following hashtags #GoNatural and #BraunFace, we realised this thing is a face epilator with three facial cleansing brushes. Apparently, that brush has six times the power of your hand (any devices available for the dishes, please?) and the epilator can capture the finest hairs and keep them out for four weeks. Looks like technology has come a long way; fitting all skin types and ages, we're wondering why we haven't advanced a little instead of using these methods that more than often don't work 

Sugaring and Waxing

Everyone loves smooth silky skin, but different body parts are different in the nature of the skin – your face being one of the most fragile. Using wax or sugar to snatch away all the hair is too severe for the delicate skin on your face, and can cause bumps and irritation. Lord help you if, after all the pain you go through, the whole process goes wrong and you have ingrown hairs all over your face. The worst part, though? It will make you age way faster because it takes skin elasticity to a whole other level; your skin will hang way too low for your liking when you hit 40. 

Using a Razor Blade

This is never ever okay. Ever. First of all, you're basically asking the hair you're removing to grow back into awkward on-the-verge-of-puberty kind of stubble. It's not attractive, or fun to feel every time you touch your face or say hello with a kiss. Also, you can easily cut yourself in the process, bleed, and scar. WHY?


There are two types of bleaching, facial whitening cream and chemical application of facial bleach, the latter being used for hiding hair. Granted, it's one of the easiest solutions to run to, but is it the best choice? You may be hiding the hair, but you can expect the same feel of hairiness even if you cannot see the whiskers you just tried camouflaging. Also, it's a very temporary solution – once that fine facial hair sheds, or grows, you'll be applying the bleach again. And again. Then there are the allergic reactions you may be facing, or the fact that everyone under the sun – literally – can catch clear glimpses of your upper lip fuzz, or the discolouration on particular areas of your face.

Using a Body Soap

This would be okay if we were five years old, but our skin isn't that youthful anymore and this might be making our skin dry(er). Using body soap sucks the moisture out of your face, which creates more layers of dead skin – and that ain't one bit clean.

Applying Facial Cream We Know Nothing About

Just because you have one friend with flawless skin who uses a particular brand of facial care products doesn't mean it'll work for you. You need to think of your skin as your fingerprint; it's distinct, it's unique, and what works for other people may not work for you. What you can do before purchasing endless tubes of facial care is exfoliate your face with the proper set of tools – you know, like that face epilator up there. The device also comes with a nice soft sponge to help you apply creams and serums that fit your skin type, all while efficiently massaging the face and spreading your favourite product evenly. This will help you avoid the sight of a whole drawer of empty promises in the form of anti-aging-brightening-twinkling-diamond-in-the-sky creams that don't work.

Sleeping With Makeup

Let's not. You can't just wake up the next day and wash your face after your now-clogged pores soaked up tiny atoms of minerals and glitter, or just move on with your lives sporting leftover make up. You're not Beyonce. 

Spending Money on Facials

You don't need to! You can just have one facial wash but your methods are what really matter. Using specific brushes, or scrubbers, or skincare remedies is what does the trick. We can't stress enough how much this will matter long-term – when you take the exfoliation brush all our favourite influencers are raving about, it's going to save you time in cleansing and exfoliating, and anything you apply on your face will work miracles because your skin is much more welcoming after a good scrub!