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7 Most Common Reactions Egyptian Women Have

Every culture has their own way of expressing themselves; but, when it comes to Egyptians, we've truly managed to master the art of exaggeration. Here are seven of the most common 'sharashee7' - if you will - that Egyptian women use, as expressed by a man.

Egyptians are a quite unique when it comes to expressing their feelings – especially women. Having a nice calm response to something is so countercultural for our women; they can't react to things calmly. That would be plain wrong. We know you can all relate because, let's face it, you've probably been on the receiving end of some ridiculously embellished reactions, or have had your own momentary outbursts yourself. Here are a few reactions, sharashee7, and yalahwys that truly express how we feel...


Ya Khebtek

 Na3am na3am?

Gara Eh Ya 7abebti?!

Ra2etak Weh Estar2etak

Ya Mosebti Ya Mosebti

*Tof tof tof*

Thank you to MO4Network's Ahmed (Zico) Khaled for some excellent GIF-acting.