Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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7 Must-Have Gorgeous Outdoor Furniture Pieces For Sahel Season

With Sahel season gearing up, it's time to start scouting for outdoor furniture to spend your entire summer lounging in. We discovered a few kickass pieces at Madar.

Staff Writer

Many of us are progressively moving out of the busy city and into blissful suburbia; Fifth Settlement and Sheikh Zayed are slowly filling up because, let's face it, no one is a fan of the noise, pollution, and lack of green space in the heart of Cairo. Now, on top of that, we've all got our chalets and home-away-from-homes in Sahel – a sweet summer sanctuary. We're not far away from the revered season; are you imagining it already? The long nights. The barbeques. The countless gatherings of family, friends, and the occasional random stranger that someone else brought along. The sea-side sunrises. But where the heck are you going to seat all these people? You can't have them sitting senselessly on the grass or piled up around the chalet like near-corpses, now can you? Scouting for something stylish yet comfy, we found that Madar Furniture has some awesome outdoor pieces that 'say summer in Sahel' all over them.

 Driade chair

We love this one. Have you ever wanted to sit on your own throne? We really do believe that this is as close as you get to feeling like Game of Thrones royalty. Just get yourself one of those tiaras from a McDonald's happy meal and you're good to go.  Besides, these babies have a dramatic flair to them but they're still super comfortable. 

Gervasoni fan

Egypt is hella hot. It can be especially tricky to provide a cooling facility when you're sitting outside (curse you, ACs, for making us totally dependent), but this table or floor standing fan in handwoven dark pulut would look really cool on the grass. Besides, it's rocking this really unusual shape for a fan that we can't stop staring at. 

Gervasoni sofa 

We can transform the concept into a garden salon marriage with a snap of the finger. Also, we tend to love big comfy couches like these because it gathers everyone and makes for literal get-together. 

Kenzo love seat 

Sharing space got you feeling blue? Can't handle close proximity anxiety? This chair works great for the individualist. Forget about sitting on a couch and having to fight for the division of cushions and pillows - this armchair, upholstered with polyurethane foams, will satisfy the space-hogger in you. The rest of them can sit on the couch.

Minotti Table

Scandinavian minimalism meets Sahel season, all in a coffee table. When we first saw this lovely table we thought 'brunch at a hip Danish café with lush pastries'. Or, you know, summer drinks by the beach. 

Gervasoni Tree-Shaped Coat Hanger

At first, this item got us thinking - is this a naked and branch-less trees on drugs? Then we closely inspected it and gathered it was a coat hanger. The design really is wonky and reminds us immensely of tripping out on mushrooms or Alice in Wonderland, but we really dig it nonetheless. It's fresh and bright, and it won't clash with nature when placed outside.

Gervasoni chairs

By far our favourite on the list. This item is basically the chair version of a giant plushie; it's comfortable, soft, and is ideal for those who like to sneak away and read outside.

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Shoot by @MO4Network's #MO4Productions.
Photography by Ahmed Najeeb.