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7 Reasons Why Dubai Is the City of the Future

From flying drone taxis to firemen in jet packs, Dubai is where you can live out your Jetsons fantasies.

It’s 2017. People in the 80s predicted that we would have flying cars and robots doing everything for us, and while the majority of us are living lives that are much simpler than that, there is one place whose technological advancement is the stuff of myth and that place is (drum roll please)...DUBAI!

Earning a reputation as a place that has and continues to reinvent luxury (mostly because it has a f**kton of money,) an essential part of realising that luxury was heavily investing in the technologies that would make the luxury Dubai had to offer, a truly unique one.

Compared to Cairo or even London, or Paris, Dubai stands apart, rightfully earning itself the title of “City of the Future.”

Tesla Driver-less Cars

Wanting to maximize on utility and luxury, Dubai have ordered a fleet of - recently invented by Tesla and included as an optional feature in all future models - driverless cars,  to be used by the Dubai Taxi Corporation, which operates taxi services in Dubai. You could be driven around places, by a car that drives itself, someone call Dr. Who.

Flying Drone Taxis

It was announced this month that because of congestion issues on Dubai’s streets, they decided to innovate a solution and that was a flying drone taxi that can carry one person and one suitcase safely through Dubai’s skyline. Made by Chinese firm, Ehang, the world is thanking them for bringing the Jetsons to life and making our lives! The drone is not a model or a prototype, it has already been flown through Dubai’s skies, according to Mattar Al Tayer, the director general of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority.

Firemen in Jet Packs

Dubai just launched a new technology that allows firefighters to access the fires they’re putting out better, through a) travelling to the fire much faster by using jet skis on waterways instead of using the congested roads and b) reaching multi-storey building easier using jetpacks that can make them fly above the ground through pumping water, think revers Blastoise! Are your minds blown yet?

Legit Plans to Colonise Mars

The UAE's space agency, which has partnered with French and British space agencies, envisions an international program. "The Mars 2117 project will develop an Emirati and international team of scientists to push the human exploration of Mars in years to come," Sheikh Mohammad said. The project is planned to be finished in 2117, so a century from now, which is a realistic deadline considering all the technology and research required for the project.  

The Future Design Centre

At the World Government Summit, #WGS 2017, the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) launched the Future Design Centre, a global strategic initiative in cooperation with Oxford University’s Institute of Digital Archaeology (IDA) as well as Harvard University. This is part of many initiatives that Dubai is funding to watch out for future trends and jump on them early on to ensure they continue to spearhead the future! The centre will include academic and training programs in the fields of the future: 3D scanning and printing, public policy, and applied physics, all fields that will have a large role in shaping what’s to come.

The Dubai Future Museum

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai announced earlier this month that the opening of the Dubai Museum of the Future. Set to be a permanent fixture in Dubai, the museum will is exhibiting the inventions and technologies of the future. “It is an ideal platform that embodies bold ideas and develops pragmatic solutions, as well an incubator for innovation,” writes Khaleeji Times. The museum aim to draw attention to three main ideas that result from result from climate change - water supply, food security and self-sufficient cities! The future is in self-sufficient, eco-friendly energy and the amount of research and funding going into that is stupendous!

The World's First Fully Rotational Skyscraper

In the works since 2008, the skyscraper is scheduled to be built in 2020. Planned to be 419 metres high, the tower will be made up of 80 floors and will be comprised of mainly apartments. The floors will be able to rotate independently using a voice controlled technology so if you wanna look at the sea and not just other skyscrapers, you don't have to walk to the other window anymore, you can just ask your apartment to spin itself around so you can change the view - if that's not the future, I don't know what is!!