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7 Things to Do After Iftar That Aren't Konafa

Tired of mosalsalat and 3ozoumat? Here are seven interesting alternatives that don't involve sitting on your butt and eating all night.

Fun can prove to be an impossible pursuit for us responsible adults, especially during Ramadan, when the most you can get is mosalsalat, konafa, and that first sip of water at iftar, which is more than enough – but it also comes with significant amounts of body fat and diminished intellectual capacity. Most people will pass out half-awake while absent-mindedly watching a mosalsal after iftar, but not us; we keep our eyes peeled after iftar with anticipation as we get ready for some fat-burning fun!


Blast that konafa fat jumping on a trampoline at any of Cairo’s trampoline parks this Ramadan. If you’re the bashful type, we recommend indoor trampoline parks Air Zone or Gravity Code – personally, we feel it is always best to keep the people who see your thighs jiggling to a minimum. If you see nothing wrong with your grown ass acting like a five-year-old and don’t mind perfect strangers pointing at you and laughing, we recommend the outdoorsy Bounce trampoline park.     

Air Zone
Address: Mall Point 90, Road 90 in front of the AUC, Fifth Settlement, Cairo.
Phone: 0102 530 8680

Bounce Park
Address: Downtown Mall, Katemeya, New Cairo.
Phone: 0101 197 9115

Gravity Code
Address: 3 Skies Plaza, Road 90, behind Americana Plaza, Fifth Settlement, Cairo.
Phone: 01066116733 - 01066116833

Go Karting 

Vroom vroom those Ramadan sleepies away, go go-karting! This goes against our long-held belief that Egypt is fun-deficient, but there are actually places where you can go-kart!     

Go Kart
Address: Mirage Mall, Cairo - Suez Rd, New Cairo, Cairo.
Phone: 0114 040 9448

Autovroom Cairo
Address: North Extension 100 st, Plot #7, Block #12001, El Obour City, Cairo.
Phone: 01094616019 - 01097228511  

Ghibili Raceaway International
Address: Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo. 
Phone: 02 24144440


This is perfect if you are passive-aggressive and secretly wish to join the mob but you also believe in gun control and are an overall decent human being. Paintballing offers you the best of both worlds, the perfect combination of a life of crime, a non-existent criminal record, and a clear conscience!

C.O.D.E Paintball
Address: New Cairo Club next to AUC, 5th Settlement, Cairo.
Phone: 01092988861

KEE Paintball
Address: Al Rehab Club, entry through Gate 5, Rehab City, Cairo.
Phone: 01113072723 - 01113072722

Adrenalin Paintball
Address: Gate 1, El Hezam Al Akhdar, 6th of October Agriculture co., 6th of October City, Cairo.
Phone: 0111 0014 177 or 0122 500 1008 

Bubble Football

We are already detached from life’s realities, but to actually play football while physically inside a bubble proved to be an adventure worth skipping our after-iftar bubble bath for! A round (or 10) of soccer in a bubble will leave you with newfound appreciation for personal space.

Bubble Soccer Egypt
Address: Bahr El Aazam Street, five minutes past Mounib (towards Mohamed Ali Club), Giza.
Phone: 0121 005 5535  

Escape Rooms

So this is for the brave – and agile – ones. A lot of people don’t see the point of escape rooms; fools! Escape rooms are a good idea because what if some Jigsaw killer character was elected president and turned Egypt into one big escape room? Who's silly now? You have to think these things through. Here are our favourite escape rooms in the city, but you can find more here

Address: 56 Al Bostan St, 7th District, Sheikh Zayed, Giza.
Phone: 0106 165 1561 

Break Out Egypt
Address: B311, 90th Street, New Cairo, Cairo. 
Phone: 0121 052 9695 

The Room Egypt
Address: Opposite Mall Of Arabia Gate 20, October 6, Giza.
Phone: 0102 685 6060 

Sand Boarding

The only torturous thing about sand boarding is getting sand in places where the sun don't shine. Also, going sand boarding at night after iftar is pretty epic – only if you have professionals plan it. We're not responsible for the outcome if you opt to try this on your own in the dark. 

Remal Adventures
Address: Qataneya Dunes near 6th of October, Cairo.
Phone: 010 2828 0975 or 011 111 33 0367