Monday 28 of November, 2022
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7 Sports Center: Changing the Game

With Real Madrid Football Foundation Academy, 7 Courts Tennis Academy, BeFit Fitness Program, a running track, and even beach volleyball courts, 7 Sports Center in Maadi wants you to get active. We head over to check out the revolutionary new hub...

Staff Writer

Calling on all you fitness freaks, outdoor lovers and healthy lifestyle leaders: 7 Sports Center brings you the sports environment you seek. “The sports industry in Egypt is undeveloped and we all have a duty, so I’m trying to send the message that sports is for everyone,” tells us Ahmed Abdoun who is the Founder and Managing Partner of 7 Sports Marketing Firm (and 7SC is one of its projects) of the revolutionary Maadi-based fitness hub. Combining high level training for football, tennis and fitness arena, as well as football pitches, tennis & beach volley courts available for rentals, and a track, 7 Sports Center is shaping the country’s future sports stars, while facilitating the often-felt urge to get fit and healthy for amateurs. 

You can see Abdoun’s passion has come to life in the microcosm of a healthy world that is 7 Sports Center. You find yourself immersed in fields of green and you forget that you’re still in the hustle and bustle of Cairo, while everywhere you look, you’ll find the space, equipment and motivation to get involved. Abdoun wishes to fill in the cracks of the Egyptian industry facing its head on both the grassroots and governmental level and 7 Sports Center has kick started his movement.  

The centre not only gives sports activities a push but offers a systemic platform for a growing sports industry. So what do we have here? What don't you have is the more accurate question. "We provide the best of the best for everything; top coaches, top athletes, we provide a high level of sport, "Abdoun confidently tells us, while assuring us that no amateurs or beginners should feel intimidated from getting their kit on and heading out.  

With none other than a Real Madrid Football Academy which works on different stages and starts with 3 years old kids whereby they work on developing the relationship with the ball. The development you can see in all kids performance is phenomenal, the acclaimed Befit by Aly Mazhar, one of the top athletes now, with blasting good music and extraordinary energy that has you moving involuntarily and 7 Courts Tennis Academy with acclaimed Head Coach Ali Sherbiny, you begin to understand the standards and commitment to sports that 7 Sports Center is targeting. But there's more. You can actually rent out football pitches and tennis courts by the hour. There’s no need to wait for summer and hour long drives to get your beach volleyball fix either as a professional court is on-site too. Instead of the tedious, everyday, food-oriented outings, 7 Sports Center are encouraging Cairenes to break a sweat and bond over ball games. 

Proving their commitment further, each facility at 7 Sports Center has a constant calendar of events including fun, different themed runs for fun, professional & amateur tournaments and creative competitions, keeping your schedule busy and getting to know fellow sports seekers. "Traditionally, tournaments have high entry barriers that marginalise amateurs who are looking to take part so we will be launching tournaments that will cater to all levels," continues Abdoun.  

With a team of sports visionaries behind the facilities, 7 Sports Center are hoping that families bolster the local sports industry from the ground-up, engraining a healthy and active lifestyle into the mindsets of future generations. "It's nice that families can push the sports industry forward I mean look at the US Superbowl their major sports events are very much family oriented...We want the family concept to push our sports industry forward,” explains Abdoun, a sentiment exemplified by several children’s events and tournaments in the coming months. 

“We're taking new and unique steps to promote sports,” says Abdoun, as he points out the schedule for the upcoming period. Currently accepting applications for a massive young athletes’ tennis tournament hosted at Platinum Club, the winners will be travelling to attend the Nick Bollettieri Discovery Open at the IMG Academy in Florida. Can't make it to the Olympics? Not an issue, as the7 Games Mini Olympics will have track and field competitions that will make you live the dream with a fun twist. Meanwhile, spectators too can get their fill as they enjoy freshly squeezed juice and healthy food and snacks from the center's resident Squeeze juice & salad bar, while massive names battle it out on the pitch for charity. They’ve already seen HazemEmam and WaelGomaa go head-to-head, while a couple of Cairo’s most popular bands will have it out on the pitch soon. 

For now, 7 Sports Center is based in Maadi as Abdoun explains that the area “has been starving for sports facilities that aren’t typical gyms.” indeed the transformation of the area that had previously been run down gives hope that more patches of land around Cairo will be turned into 7 Sports Centers.  

For more information, visit 7 Sports Center's Facebook page and follow them on Instagram @7sportscenter