Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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8 Charity Organizations Egyptians Have Searched for the Most This Ramadan on Google

We've all seen the ads, but the ultimate vote of confidence is googling it! Here are the 10 charity organisations Egyptians trust most with their money.

Staff Writer

Ramadan is the time of the year when many of the more fortunate Egyptians feel the need to give back to society. That desire manifests itself in different ways, including setting up Mercy Tables, and more importantly, donating to charity organisations. The latter has become a major industry on its own, which has garnered over 40 billion EGP during Ramadan 2016 alone, according to economist Amr El-Shenity, citing official statistics. This huge sum disperses into numerous channels, which range from donating with the purpose of feeding, providing medical treatment, or even contributing to the funds necessary to install proper infrastructure in the homes of the less fortunate. Where does this money go and which organisations do Egyptians trust the most with this fortune? Here's the list of Google's most trending searches for charity organisations in Egypt in Ramadan 2017 so far.


At the top of the list is Resala, which is a non-profit organisation established in 1999, making it one of the oldest operating charity organisations in Egypt. The NGO currently has 67 branches all over Egypt and a volunteer base of almost a quarter a million people. Resala's charity activities focus on caring for orphans, children with special needs, blood donations, poverty alleviation, and literacy training. It also runs extensive food donation and infrastructure-building programs.

To find out how you can help, call 19450.

Egyptian Food Bank

Founded in 2006 by a group of businessmen, the non-profit organisation's mission is to end poverty in Egypt by 2020. EFP identifies hunger as the fiercest enemy facing Egyptians, and, to end it, it collects donations from Egyptians to provide a sustainable solution to the issue. The organisation's credibility is why it is the second most searched for on Google this Ramadan.

To find out more, call: 16060

Misr El Kheir Foundation

Ending unemployment, illiteracy, poverty, and disease is what Misr El Kheir strives to achieve in the hope of providing Egyptians with a dignified life. In Ramadan, Misr El Kheir aims to provide iftar for 5 million impoverished Egyptians, with their standardised meals, which cost around 30 EGP each.

To find out more, call:16140

Dar Al Orman Association

Since 1993, Dar El Orman has been running extensive food, health, and shelter support programs that focus on providing meals, winter blankets and free medical tests to Egyptians who are otherwise unable to afford them. All services provided by Dar Al Orman rely solely on donations.

Call 19455 for more information.

Cairo Kidney Centre

The centre was initially launched as a medical institution primarily focused on the diagnosis and management of kidney diseases in 1986. It currently has 5 centres across Cairo and one in Gouna.

Help out by calling: 02 25758932

Magdi Yacoub Foundation

Having been founded by globally renowned heart surgeon Sir Magdi Yaacoub, the medical institution provides advanced medical care to patients with severe heart conditions, relying solely on donations from individuals and institutions.

Help out by calling: 19731

Al Baqyat Al Salehat Association

Having been established in 2010, the charity organisation aims to shelter elderly Alzheimer patients, orphans, widows, and divorced women who are unable to provide for themselves.

National Cancer Institute

Operating since 1969, the institute is the first of its kind in Egypt to provide costly cancer treatment courses to Egyptians free of charge, which is why the inflow of donations is crucial to its operations and services.

Find more info by calling: 19514.