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8 Eid El Fitr Trips For the Adventurer

Some of us just don’t want to settle for vegetating on the beach all day, and seeing the same old faces at parties all night. Here are a bunch of Eid trips you can book right now to take you out of your comfort zone...

Eid El Fitr is round the corner and most will be flocking your typical destinations of Sahel and Gouna whilst others wish to push their boundaries and explore what else is out there. Why not learn a new sport? Explore a new city? Meet new people? Believe it or not you can travel on your own and have fun. Even if all your friends want to “Sahel it!” this don’t have to.

Climb Kilimanjaro with Wild Guanabana

This ought to be a must on your bucket list. Head to Tanzania to watch the sunrise over the whole of Africa from the peak of the 5,895m mountain. Lose yourself in the glorious splendor of generous scenery that transforms and the deep sense of achievement that only reaching the world's highest summit can give you. 

Rocky Island, Zabargad Island and the St John's area with Navig8

This homegrown travel group are thrill seekers who are attempting to leave no rock unturned in Egypt. The trip will be more enjoyable for those who are already licensed divers, but contact the group if you want to get your license so as to not miss out on next year’s trip. The trip is almost fully booked but keep an eye out for cancellations and you can always contact the group. Six days of diving for diving addicts wishing to explore new worlds under the deep blue sea are planned this Eid; all you have to do is request to join Navig8 and a world of adventurous trip opportunities will appear before you.

Sinai Odyssey with Destination31

Staying true to their motto, ‘explore earth’, Destination31 offer trips all around and for this Eid they will be reminding you that Egypt is truly spectacular. This camping trip promises to show you three National Parks, four beaches and introduce you to a star studded sky. This is your chance to meet amazing people and the plus side is you don’t have to be a licensed diver to enjoy the trip.

Tropical Getaway with Wild Guanabana

Trust Wild Guanabana to bring out the adventurous side of any land. This nine-day trip to Costa Rica shows you a true tropical dream. The sightseeing is enough of a perk but the trip also offer zip lining, hiking, rafting, diving and just plain beaching it. You have the option to go from adventure freak to immobile panda in one small spread of your towel on the sand.

Abou Galoum with Gazef

Calling on all you yogis, kite surfers, divers, rock climbers and curious Mos; this ambitious Eid trip promises to cater to all your different adventurous needs. Dahab is truly a golden destination, and the five day trip has a full itinerary showing you the many different activities the honeypot destination has to offer.  

Rock Climb with Sinai Rock Climbing Centre

For those who want to have the best of both worlds the best thing abou this adventurous trip is that it’s from the 18th-19th with rock climbing suitable for all levels. So appease your adventurous side by rock climbing and camping for one night at Wadi Qnai then go ahead and pull a beached whale attitude for the rest of your eid.  

Machu Picchu with Wild Guanabana

The travel group strike gold in the hearts of adventurers all around with an eight-day trip to the heart of Peru, and includes inspirational scenery, mountain cycling in the midst of green fields, walks through the Peruvian jungle and a chance to experience white water rafting on the Vilcanota River.

Sahel with Kiteloop

If you have to go to Sahel to appease family and friends or simply because you want to enjoy its uncontested crystal blue beaches, then you might as well turn your Sahel experience up a notch. Kiteloop is packing up and moving to Sahel to help us hop on kitesurfing bandwagon with a beginners course.