Saturday May 25th, 2024
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8 Game-Changing Features That Will Change the Way You Use Anghami

There's more to the music streaming platform than meets the eyes.

Staff Writer

8 Game-Changing Features That Will Change the Way You Use Anghami

An integral part of our daily routines, Anghami, the leading - and first - legal, streaming music application in the Middle East that boasts 60 million-plus users, is a must-have app for any respecting music fan. 

Anghami has been known for elevating your music experience, with a range of features that you won't find on any other music streaming service - or media streaming service of any sort, in fact. Whatever you need Anghami’s got you...



Alright, we’re at a club, and at first, the night is slow, the party’s getting together and as you watch the people come in, starting to dance, and as the night speeds up and the colors get brighter, you’re in the middle of the dance floor and a song plays in the background and you try to take a mental capture of the moment, all senses heightened and saved. A video wouldn’t do the job, you’d be limited in a sense, not fully able to lose yourself to the moment, but hitting the Radar button on your Anghami will only take a second to detect the song, saving it for later, giving you the freedom to exist with no distraction.

You can find the Radar button next to the search bar.

Searching by Lyrics

You’ve finally thrown yourself on your bed, you’re sprawled there, kicking your shoes off and the silence is deafening now after a long, noisy day at work and you get under the covers, and you’re suddenly humming a song you know, like, four words to. It’s nice at first, playing that game with your subconscious. But then it gets frustrating, so your best solution would be Anghami’s Lyric Search option.

You can find the Lyric Search option next to the ‘top’ search results.

Save Cellular Data

We’re treading new waters now, but you’re on a hike and while there’s still service and you’re streaming on a perfect 3G connection, you still want to save up on your data, and as usual, Anghami’s got you, with an option to disable data-draining features through the Data Saver option.

You can find Data Saver under ‘Audio Quality’ in Settings – Music.

Play More Like This

You’re on your way back home and you come across a song that fits your mood perfectly. Anghami’s Play More Like This option is your go to if you’re feeling adventurous and are willing to be introduced to your next favorite song.

You can find Play More Like This in the three dots under your Currently Playing’s artwork.

Daily Mixtapes

Your alarm goes off and you’re getting ready to battle a new day, and music always helps. You’re in a hurry and can’t spare the time to put together the day’s playlists. And something you probably didn’t know about Anghami is that using AI and advanced algorithms, it detects your taste and can make you two different, personalized mixtapes a day (which you can also save!).

You can find this tool in the middle of your home page.

Personal DJ

You’re about to start a home workout, and want a random selection of good workout music to get you hyped up, but don’t know where to start? As easy as a scroll and pick, you have the option to choose from preset genre and mood-specific playlists.

You can access the playlists from your Search page.

Remote Control

You’re plopped on the couch and blasting music through your television and home sound system and too lazy to get up for the remote. Guess what? With Anghami, your phone can be your remote. You control everything from where you are, by a click on the Audio Settings.

You can find this device of choice option through Audio Settings at the bottom of the screen.

Sleep Timer

You’re on a beach, and slipping into a nap to the sound of music, but don’t want it to keep playing and drain your battery… Anghami’s Sleep Timer option could be just the thing for that. You can set it for however long you like, just long-press on the play button.