Saturday June 15th, 2024
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8 Inventive Valentine's Day Gifts

We're sick of teddy bears and chocolates. Here are some unique ways to wow your better half this year...

Staff Writer

8 Inventive Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is upon us and pressure is mounting - a bad gift could make it or break it. Popular options include chocolates, flowers and jewellery, and while most ladies and gents will like the generic Valentine's thought, it’s your time to step up. How about a gift or a date that your honey is not expecting but has a high chance of hitting the jackpot? Worry not, we will tell you what that is…

A homemade meal

Imagine you are coming home to get ready because your partner is taking you to a restaurant to celebrate your love, but as you arrive at home, candles are lit on the table and your lover has fixed up a romantic dinner with his or her own hands? Not only does it fill stomachs, it also expresses the desire to invest in a relationship first hand… literally. And the way to someone’s heart is known to be through someone’s stomach.

Nespresso’s Inissia Aeroccino Bundle


We have long been avid fans of Nespresso, the machine that gives you super delicious coffee in a matter of seconds. For Valentine’s Day, the Inissia machine comes in a bundle with the Aeroccino milk frother which makes perfectly fluffy milk foam at the press of a button. A Café Latte, Cappuccino or Macchiato is therefore only one touch of a button away every morning. There is simply no coffee lover out there who wouldn’t freak out over abundant coffee creations. Thanks to the special offer, you also save over LE500 on the bundle before Valentine’s making the whole package just 1599LE.

Personalized Everythings


Thanks to the many, many photo shops around every neighborhood of Cairo, a personalised cushion, mug or shirt is only a few pounds away. And with a little luck and instruction, your future personalised cushion doesn’t look like a 1970s romance novel but a cute, thoughtful gift. You don’t have to print a couple shot on a mug either. How about a collage of all the places you have been together? Or a mug with your darling’s favourite singer that is too unknown to be sold in shops? There are endless possibilities once you have really given it the thought it deserves…


It has long been discussed who should buy lingerie for who? Does a woman buy it for her man because ultimately he is the one getting to look at it or does a man basically buy some eye candy for himself? The truth is, both parties eventually benefit from lingerie. Girls feel sexier and boys like to look at that. Lingerie therefore is a nice gift for comfortable couples and with a bit of taste you can’t go wrong. If you have missed our collection of spectacular lingerie finds, check them out here. However, try not to get too inspired by it.

A Tattoo

It’s eternal love, right? If you want your partner to be with you forever, start thinking about getting a permanent tattoo of them. Nowhereland Tattoo in Zamalek and Graphings in Maadi have inked a heart or two in their history, and this Valentine’s Day you could make your love ever-lasting, at least on your body.

TBS Valentine’s Package

Another way to make your way to a heart through a stomach is by getting TBS’s help. Heart-shaped breads, confetti and super cute (and tasty) treats will make hearts beat and tastes explode. At the same time, Valentine’s Day is a time for sweetness (isn’t that what TBS is all about…literally?) and what is sweeter than a delicious muffin?

Arts & Culture

Depending on how many weeks, months or years you have spent together, there are few dates you haven’t been on. You’ll have a favourite restaurant you frequently go to, you may have tried to go hiking and you’ve been to many concerts to spend some quality time together. How about a cultured date, doing something that many of you have never given a try? Arts-Mart the Gallery will still feature the Artists of Tomorrow exhibition which allows you to take your lover on a date like no other. Love is art, art is love, so Arts-Mart is the place to be.

A Night at the Opera

A romantic night in the city is hard to find in a place crowded with traffic, people and dust. The Cairo Opera House, however, is as classy as ever, and will enchant you with both an incredible atmosphere and great performances. It won’t be your worst idea to get help from the gorgeous building to set the mood for the night. Dressing and suiting up alone will make sure this night is special already. On Valentine’s Day, the Opera is featuring a ballet of Carmen, the Symphony Orchestra and a Live Opera of Tchaikovsky’s Iolanta, each being more romantic than the other.