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8 Real World Expectations

Movies and TV shows would have you believe that adult life is all glamour and parties and a whole load of carefree fun. WRONG! We're here to give you the dirty details of this whole adulthood business, after your graduate.

With graduation season upon us, the time has come for the youth of Egypt to leave their mother’s nest and fly out into the wild. While many will choose to stay in Egypt and live with their parents, some will break the habit and leave their comfortable homes. With adulthood knocking on the door and responsibilities flying in through every window, moving out of your parents’ house is not an easy task. Whether you’re going to study or work abroad or you moved to tagamo3 to get as far away from mama bear as possible, you will find that being on your own is not what you imagined. Leave all hopes of a glamorous life at the door and come into the real world. 

The one thing that keeps me – and I think it’s safe to assume most people – going after a long day, is coming home to mama’s cooking. The mere scent of mama’s food makes all the hardships I faced that day melt away. When living alone, the only scent you smell upon arriving home is the sweaty stench of last week’s dirty laundry. Gone are the days of mama’s dala3. 

Waking up in the morning to find a closet full of clean clothes and a drawer full of detergent-smelling underwear will become a luxury you cannot afford. Knowing our generation, procrastination will surely take over your life and soon enough you will find yourself drowning in a sea of dirty clothes.  

Even though you swore you would cook yourself a healthy meal every day, you find yourself opening a pack of ramen noodles without even bothering to boil them first. 

On the rare occasion when you do decide to cook, you will find yourself staring at a cabinet full of ingredients wondering how in the world your mother transformed them into a meal. Any attempt at concocting a meal will end in disaster. 

Cutting back on your expenses is inevitable. “Cutting back” is putting it modestly. Being broke will turn into your norm and before you know it, you will be shamelessly picking up every quarter you stumble upon in the street.

It’s no secret that life in the real world is difficult, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its perks as well. With no adult supervision, you will have the freedom for your “hobbies” without mama’s watchful eye. 

Watching movies until all hours of the night without mama screaming “khosh nam!”  is one of the blessings of living alone. 

Visiting your parents means dala3, dala3 and more dala3. Thinking you’ve been starving without their presence – which you were – mamas will cook you meals fit for kings. 

It's safe to say that venturing out into the real world is going to be tough. Responsibilities will become more difficult and avoiding them much easier. But despite all that, the sense of freedom, independence and self-awareness you will get from it will outweigh every problem you face.