Friday June 14th, 2024
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8 Reasons Why Amr Diab is the Mubarak of Music

The two are actually eerily similar...

Staff Writer

8 Reasons Why Amr Diab is the Mubarak of Music

Amr Diab is arguably the most influential and powerful Egyptian singer in the world. For millions of Egyptian he can do no wrong, and any criticism towards his work is met with absolute fury by the masses. The ability to mobilise masses is power, and the closer we looked at this powerful singer the more we realised that he shares a lot of similarities with former president Hosni Mubarak.

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but here is why we think Amr Diab is the Mubarak of Music.

Retaining Power Over Three Decades


Amr Diab’s debut album entitled Ya Tareeq was released in 1983. Since his debut, he has released over 24 albums ,including his most recent, 2014’s Shoft El Ayaam. Almost averaging at one release per year, Amr Diab has secured himself over the decades as the biggest name in Egyptian music. As for Mubarak, his reign of power began in 1981 and ended in 2011. Spanning exactly 30 years, Mubarak established the reputation of being the most powerful president and needless to say was the biggest name in Egyptian politics.

Both Were Born Outside of Cairo


Amr Diab entered the world on October 11, 1961 in Port Said, while Mubarak was born on May 4, 1928 in Kafr El-Meselha, Menoufia Governorate. Despite being outsiders, they both climbed the ranks and took Cairo by storm. One became the most powerful singer in Egypt, while the other became the most powerful, period.

Never Age

Time ages all, except in the case of these two. Amr Diab is 53 years old and yet seems to only get buffer and younger. Meanwhile Mubarak is 86 years old, in prison, and continues to have darker hair than Amr Diab, and shows no signs of kicking the bucket anytime soon, despite 90 million people’s wishes that he would.

Super Rich

Amr Diab has gone Platinum a record 5 times, and has won a record 6 World Music Awards. Needless to say Amr Diab is a millionaire, if not a billionaire, although his net worth is unknown. What we do know is that he is likely the highest grossing singer in Egypt’s history. Alternatively, Mubarak hoarded billions of dollars through corrupt practices. How much was reclaimed by the state is unknown, but considering he still seems to have a personal hair-stylist, we can assume he has billions hiding in offshore accounts or buried in domestic tombs, along with the pharaohs who were his role models.

Detached from Society

Both men are meya meya masry, but finding them mingling amongst us simpletons is nearly impossible. The only time these men would appear or address the public is when they organised either a massive televised announcement or a massive concert with close to a million attending, where the only way you can see Amr Diab on the stage is by watching the large video projection of the live show.

We Fear Criticising Them Before 2011

Insult Amr Diab to the wrong Egyptian and expect to be met with tears or fists. We can admit that he knows how to hustle the musical game, but too many Egyptians love this mediocre talent, taking criticism of his unimpressive work too personally and if they had the power, they would arrest you. Mubarak was much the same way, except he actually had to the power to arrest anyone for anything. Exercising this practice so much that even ancient users of ye old MySpace could find themselves behind bars for expressing their feelings.

Both Hated During The January 25th Uprising

It was no surprise that Mubarak was hated, but what many may not know is at that time Amr Diab was despised for staying silent and fleeing Egypt for London. At one of the most pivotal times in Egyptian modern history, Amr Diab could have been a powerful voice of reason instead of a cowardly douchebag. Trying to repair the damage done of abandoning his country in their time of need, Amr Diab wrote a song shortly after Mubarak’s removal. Surprisingly it wasn’t a love song, but rather a tribute to the martyrs who selflessly gave up their lives fighting for change while he sat in London thinking of lyrics to profit off whatever change would come.

Homes in London

Diab isn’t the only one who seeks safety in London. Mubarak is known to have loved visiting London, purchasing multiple homes. If he only saw the writing on the wall sooner, he could have made it to London in time to sing a duet on Amr Diab’s Masr 2alet.