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8 Things Every Egyptian Will Remember About the Internet

Ah the Internet; it's come a long way. Here are some memories we all share of the early days of the world wide web.

1. Dial-up Internet

That 07775000 mouse was your best friend until...

2. Your mum picked up the phone and internet cut off. 

OFFFF YA MAMA! I've been trying to download this song for two weeks!!!

3. Asking ASL on ICQ. 

17/F/Cairo was always really 39/M/Tanta.

4. Nudges

MSN nudges were the most stressful things at that time in our life.

5. Stupid email addresses

From to we kefaya keda balash fadaye7.

6. Emoticons

If you had these on MSN you were cool as fuck. 

7. Waiting for days for an Angelina Jolie picture to load.

Fuck! *shuts computer before mum enters room*

8. When the guy you liked came online: