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8 Things Learnt at the Dentist

Heliopolis' Perfect Smile Dental Center treated us to the much talked about Zoom Whitening. Here's what we found out in the dentist's chair...

So this week we were treated to a teeth whitening session, courtesy of Perfect Smile Dental Center. Given the massive stain damage we’ve inflicted on our teeth, what with our daily diet of coffee and cigarettes, this seemed like a gift from the tooth fairies, and obviously, there was a fight to the death in the office about who would go get themselves some pearly whites. After a winner emerged, having defeated the rest of the office by terrifying them of the dentist with horror stories, aforementioned winner, in an ironic twist of events, was terrified to go. But never ones to forgo freebies, we went anyway, and we learned a few things along the way about all things dental…

1. Not all dentists are created equal. Throughout our teeth whitening process we quickly learned that while our past experiences may have lead us to dentists with permanent sour expressions, zero sense of humour, and quick to painfully inject you with things and then brush aside your pain, Dr. Shady Samir was surprisingly friendly and willing to explain everything, taking us through the entire process – which FYI is a two-day thing. The first day is a regular cleaning, and the next day is when the magic happens – i.e. perfect white teeth. He explained what exactly he was doing, was willing to pause his entire process while we – literally – typed up what we're sure were supremely annoying questions on our phone for him to look at.


2. Sign language is a highly useful tool that everyone should learn - it is essentially the entire way you will communicate with dentists for the rest of your life. Thankfully, Dr. Shady somehow managed to decipher our wild waving and pointing throughout the process, even managing to understand 'take a picture of me for Instagram' seeing as our mouths were otherwise occupied, being held open by a strange blue device.

3. Despite everything we've ever experienced or been lead to believe, it is possible to fall asleep in the dentist's chair. Or at least if you're getting your teeth whitened. The process goes a little like this: Dr. Shady put this strange blue thing to hold our mouth open, put cotton-y stuff to isolate the gums, covers your teeth in gel, and then you lie back and he focuses a blue light on them for 15 minute intervals. In this time, no one is messing around in your mouth and it happens to be the perfect opportunity for a power nap. In fact, we dare you not to fall asleep. P.S. You also get to wear these nifty orange glasses that block out the light, aiding in sleep. 

Nap time.

4. Not everything you read on the internet is true. WHAT? THIS GOES AGAINST EVERYTHING WE'VE EVER KNOWN. But alas, the internet is full of falseness. This is hard for us to accept seeing as our lives and jobs make us slaves to the world wide web, but we did a little Googling pre-teeth-whitening session to try and understand the experience. The web was full of reviews, everything from it was the most painful experience in the history of life, to it didn’t even work, to "it tickled." Mostly, none of it was true. Our experience, and this is just one person's account at one clinic, was as follows: Dr. Shady walked us through everything, which was helpful. None of it was painful – the whole a3da is kind of relaxing actually – but you do get a strange sensation occasionally when the blue light is doing its thing on your teeth, kind of like you ate ice cream too fast. And it does work – we left Perfect Smile Dental Center with perfect pearly white teeth. Everyone's experience is different but the point is, don’t believe all watchu see on the interwebz. 

5. Coffee and cigarettes are really bad for your teeth. Ok so we knew this one already but it was reiterated to us by Dr. Shady. On the first day, when we did a cleaning, he said this was just to get the general coffee and ciggie stains off your teeth, and return them to their natural colour, before the actual Zoom whitening machine. Already our teeth were like a shade whiter once the cleaning was finished, proof of the damage our pack-a-day habit has wreaked on our teeth. After the actual Zoom whitening situation, you're also not allowed to smoke for 48 hours. They were the toughest 48 hours of our lives, but totally worth it for the perfect white teeth we got as a final result.

6. Freakishly white teeth are not a legitimate worry – at least when it comes to the Zoom whitening that Perfect Smile Dental offers. We were slightly terrified it might turn into a Ross's-glow-in-the-dark-teeth kind of situation or just look terrifically fake, but the outcome was literally, perfect. They were a natural shade of white; as in people who know you will see the difference, but a stranger will just think you have beautiful teeth.

7. No matter how old you are, when the dentist tells you you're brave and you're doing so well, you feel SO SPECIAL. Doesn’t matter if you, like us, are doing a procedure that's entirely painless to being with, like the Zoom tooth whitening is, if he tells you you're the bravest patient he's got then goddamit you feel like the bravest little kid in the world. "Kid." You're 28. Dr. Shady would at regular intervals tell us how good we were doing and that we were such great patients, and we would just flush with pride even though, like, we were just lying there and having blue light shined on our teeth…

8. Even the dentist's office is Instagrammable. Suffering from social media addiction as we are, we never miss a chance to whip out our camera phone and snap some Instapics! And you can totally find Instagrammable instants at the dentist; you lying on the chair, the cool little blue glass pot he keeps the gel in, your reflection in the tooth-shaped mirror… you get the picture.

Thank you Dr. Shady Samir and your Perfect Smile Dental Clinic for teaching us some very valuable life lessons. We emerged with jealousy-inducing Hollywood smiles, we spent days receiving compliments, and we're on our way to learn sign language right now. Unfortunately we'll be back to cigarettes in no time...

If you'd also like to nab yourself some pearly whites, mention Cairo Scene when you book your appointment, and you get 20% off! Because we're matzabbateen like that....
You can check out Perfect Smile Dental Center's Facebook page here, or follow them on Instagram @Perfect_Smile_Dental. You can also call the center on 012-2227-6222 or 2291-5526.