Friday 9 of December, 2022
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8 Ways Egypt Could #BreakTheInternet

If Mrs. Kardashian West can do it, so can we.

Staff Writer

Here at CairoScene, we're kind of experts at breaking the internet. We've yet to get Ghada Abdel Razek to pose with her tush out but we've had our fair share of viral stories and images that have had Cairo's websphere ablaze with frantic clicking. Recently things have calmed down a bit. So, taking heed from Paper Magazine's world stopping Kim Kardashian pictorial, we speculate what stories in Egypt would actually #BreakTheInternet....

Egyptian Super Selfie

As the countries biggest A class celebrities of film and music gather of the 36th Cairo Film Festival, Khaled Abol Naga stops on the Red Carpet to take the greatest Egyptian selfie of all time...

Sisi on "Between Two Ferns"

Much like Obama did recently, Sisi churns the army's PR wheel with an appearance on Zach Galifianakis' hilarious satirical interview show. "So Mr.President... do you know you have a girls name?"

Mohammed Salah for Armani

Egypt's newest footballing celebrity, the player whose move to Chelsea basically turned the club's Facebook fanpage into Masrawy, is picked up as the new face... and body of Emporio Armani international.

Shut Ub Your Mouse X-Factor

Muna al-Beheiri, the infamous woman who shut Obama's mouse on national TV, will audition for X-Factor uk, performing the Shut Ub Your Mouse re-mix live.

The Return of Mr.Egypt

We haven't had a Miss Egypt since 2010 so considering the amount of craziness surrounding the Miss Egypt competition his year, it's about time to see some metrosexual super shab and amazing freestyling back on our screens, like this...

Celebrity Nude Leak

Youm7 have got their hands on a CD from anonymous source, we're assuming Mortada Mansour, featuring nude celebrity leaks from a host of Egyptian celebrities including Dina, Nancy Ajram, Elissa, Ruby, Tamer Hagras and Ahmed Ezz. You don't want to look... but you know you will.

Amina K X H & M
In recent years H&M has collaborated with some of the world's biggest designers for inexpensive collections that have often caused the online shopping site to crash when the items are being release. If Egypt's designer darling Amina K collaborated with H & M, maybe Egyptians would finally learn how to queue.
Mubarak De Ja Vu
Mubarak comes back into power thus completing the 360 degree political turn from 25th January, social media is ablaze... untill Mubarak cuts off all online connections again, thus literally... breaking the internet.