Wednesday February 28th, 2024
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9 Easter Music Festivals to Celebrate the Season With

Easter is about life and all its glory, so get out there and live a little by celebrating the season with these nine awesome festivals.

Staff Writer

We are all overworked and sleep-deprived; we really are. We completely understand why you'd be tempted to spend Easter weekend at home, in bed, watching Seinfeld. We've contemplated doing the same; but, honey, no. Just say no! Get up, carpe that diem (and that long weekend), and live a little. This Easter, diverse festivals abound, so you're sure to find something worth betraying Seinfeld for.

3alganoob 2016

What could possibly better for your sanity than to spend Easter weekend in Marsa Alam? Jam, eat great food, listen to awesome music and, if the mood strikes you, do some underwater exploration!

Oshtoora 2016

The people behind Oshtoora are offering you a piece of hippie heaven with a camping musical festival of arts to guide you in your experimenting shenanigans. Food, warm sun, beautiful scenery, and a massive musical lineup all seem like things you'd actually prefer over dreaming of, no?

Safe & Sound Dahab - Festival

What happens in Dahab, stays in Dahab; or we post about it, and then everyone knows. Then you're screwed. Nevertheless, Safe and Sound are going to keep you pretty secure with their #ThisIsEgypt campaign to support tourism, where they'll be putting together a spectrum of cool activities ranging from diving, safari, fitness, and musical entertainment. Take us with you, and we promise not to divulge your secrets!

Sharm Music Festival
Easter weekend is bringing out lots of cheeky bunnies to play, and by cheeky bunnies, we mean you. Sharm Music Festival #SMF2016 is back with a party sequel with the hottest lineup and the raddest tunes for you to get in touch with your inner cheeky bunny. 

Project Vibe @ Sharm El Sheikh
Third time is a charm? Project Vibe are tripling up the fun with three back-to-back parties over the course of three days, rocked by a massive smashing lineup of Robosonic, Chadash Cort, Abou Samra, Fayek, Gawdat, Ramiro Lopez, Misty, Karim Yousry, Sebzz, Chelina Manuhutu, and Ouzo. First one up falls on the 29th of April in Taj Mahal, then Domina Coral Bay, and then Domina Coral Bay.

Easter Music Festival
Fuzzy bunny? You're normally stuffing marshmallows, but it's time to swap it over for some feseekh. Easter is around the corner, and Color Beach Club is bringing you #EMF with DJ Fuzzy, Abou Samra, Gawdat, Baher, Ayman Nageeb, Sharkas, Aguizi and Fahim behind the decks for an awesome Hurghadian night. 

Temple Of Sound @ Bayside
Your body is a temple, and so is your music library; that's is why you need to be treating yourself to a good spiritual musical cleansing with a killer view of the sea, and Mohamed Sadek, Hamza, Shafei, Aguizi, Fahim, Gaser, and Moste will all be there to guide you through with their tunes.

Marassi North Sun Festival
Seems like the North Coast isn't totally out of the game with Marassi spicing things up just in time for the sizzling summertime fun. This year, they're putting together their Spring Festival activities to hook all members of the family up with great hotel offers, beach yoga retreat, kids' entertainment, and much more! Give the city the well-deserved break from you... or the other way around. 

Back To Life Easter Festival
Somabay has taken the full responsibility of turning all their grounds into one big happy Easter festival! Sports by the sea, egg hunting, and nightlife bunnies are all rounded up all over Kempinski, Westin, Sheraton. Can we get a round of applause?