Sunday September 24th, 2023
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8 Amazing Spots Around the World Egyptians Should Visit

Ditch London for Nepal, Paris for Sri Lanka or Ibiza for Thailand for your next vacation. We take a look at some unique locations that Gazef will take you to.

Staff Writer

It’s clearly been stated in the Egyptian Constitution that all citizens of om el donia must make the rounds to all our standard favourite countries; Spain (Barcelona to be specific; no one wanders past this beach-party-city), France (just Paris), Lebanon (Beirut! BO18! Lebanese women!), and of course, the UK (but only London - how many Egyptians in total have told you something like oh, yes I was just frolicking around the English countryside and eating crumpets in a cottage?). For way longer than strictly necessary, we feel like it’s somehow been ingrained in our collective consciousness as a nation that these are the cities we must all repeatedly visit but finally, we seem to have grown tired of the typical and it feels like Egyptian are ready to venture out into the big bad world and get a little adventurous with their travel destinations. Bravo ya gama3a.

So for those humans who crave an injection of wanderlust in their trips, Gazef has you covered. If you’d rather get lost in the maze of a rainforest instead of that of a mall, explore hidden paradises instead of get caught in commercial tourist traps, this travel agency creates trips that take you to far-flung corners of the globe; spots perfect for adventurous spirits. They also happen to be rather Instagrammable. Just FYI. Just saying.

The company focuses on adventure travel where you can either hop on board one of their pre-planned group trips, or you can ask them to tailor make a trip for you and your group of friends (unless you’re one of those people who’s into travelling alone). Gazef taps into your inner adrenaline junkie, taking people to new heights – literally and figuratively. Their trips are laden with extreme sports and adventurous antics; white water rafting in Ecuador, rock climbing in Thailand (also in Thailand: monkey hugging), bungee jumping in South Africa, crossing rope bridges in Costa Rica, paragliding in Nepal… The type of extreme situations that make your heart drop – but in a good rollercoaster kind of way. “It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone,” founder Mohamed El Shabrawi tells us. Plus, if you tailor-make your own trips, which are much smaller than group expeditions, they really immerse you into the culture, setting you up with locals that you stay with for a few nights, like a family living in a village in Nepal. Essentially, Gazef revolves on getting you as far away as possible from the little plastic bubble of your own reality.

But while some people like the rush of jumping off an airplane, or y’know, unlike us, actually have the lung capacity to hike 12 miles up a mountain in Peru, others want a creative trip to unusual locations except without all the arduous effort required, and Gazef’s got that too – more, like, soft core activities but with the same out of the box locations. Some jetsetters just crave endless beach time, but instead of doing Barcelona, Gazef does Majorca or Zanzibar. There are the party kids who want to hit up Ibiza every summer, but Gazef goes for sailing around Croatia instead (don’t worry – you don’t do any of the physical sailing).  

Abandon the norm – go for the atypical. Whether you feel like fanning the flames of your inner adrenaline addict and throwing yourself off the side of a cliff, or you just want to go the gorgeous scenery route without feeling the need to do the whole crazy outdoorsy action thing, Gazef has a myriad of magical travels prepared. Just like Gulliver’s. Except, yknow, without ships and with the benefit of the all the modern world’s trappings.

Here are eight spots around the world – places Gazef has selected for some past, present and future trips – that we think every Egyptian will be totally transfixed by.


South Africa


Sri Lanka





Costa Rica

Abu Galum

Below is a calendar of all of Gazef’s upcoming trips this year. We suggest you book ahead because their trips fill up fast (their Easter trips are ALL fully booked).

May: Croatia
June: Ecuador
July: Italy & Zanzibar
August: Spain
September: Alps/Slovenia & Kenya
October: Nepal
November: Cuba & Nepal
December: South Africa

Plus, for New Year’s 2016, the adventurists are planning a trip from now. Where to, you ask? Well that’s the thing. They’re getting all mysterious and the theme of this trip is, well, you don’t know where the hell you’re going. Entitled Destination: Unknown, you essentially just have to take a leap of faith. The group won’t know anything about their destination until they’re literally ON the plane, and throughout the entire trip the itinerary is a secret so every new activity is a surprise. Risk takers, this is totally up your alley!

You can check out Gazef’s Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @gazef.

All photos courtesy of Gazef’s own archives or their Facebook page.