Monday December 11th, 2023
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9 Things We've Learned from Egyptian TV

Ahhh, the Egyptian entertainment industry, how we love thee...

Staff Writer

Credit Everyone.

Egyptian opening credits are longer than Somaia El-Khashab’s weave, to the point that if you so much as walked past one of the studios where these things are made, you can expect your name to appear. 

Your Dad’s Slap Can Kill.

If your dad ever slaps you, you will automatically fall onto the floor. There’s no running away.

Your Dad WILL Slap You.

*falls to the floor*

7ara Dudes are the Best.

If you’re an Egyptian male who lives in a typical alleyway, you have to be a gada3 and you will marry the rich mozza girl in the end.

Talking to People’s Backs is Okay.

We see it in every mosalsal - someone must talk to someone’s back, probably because they can’t afford to have more than one camera. 

Phones Don’t Ring.

People instantly pick up the phone, as if they merely felt the call coming through.

The Point of the Egyptian Dining Table.

Wait, people actually use sofras to eat on…like, with their family and stuff? Thank you, mosalsalat for letting us know.

Egyptians are Lightweights

One sip of beer, you're wasted and your dad WILL slap you.

Police are Late