Sunday December 10th, 2023
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A Conversation with Z

Sally Sampson's bitchiness doesn't go unnoticed, but two weeks ago, a somewhat innocent tweet saw her go head-to-head with a Muslim Brotherhood supporter. This is what happened...

Staff Writer

I’ve debated with myself for more than a little while whether or not I should post this, and being me, I have decided to do it anyway.  A couple of weeks ago, on August 16th (that was the Friday after Raba’a was cleared of MB protestors), there was a demonstration by the Muslim Brotherhood throughout Egypt and I, like many others, sat at home with my eyes glued to the television watching to see what was happening and what our country was coming to.

I watched as armed MB protestors walked across the 15th of May Bridge and fired shots towards the apartment blocks nearby, I held my breath as multiple locations across the country caught fire and emergency services struggled to get there in time, and I shook my head and wondered how Egypt was ever going to move on when multiple routes were blocked across the country by demonstrators using whatever they could find to prevent anyone from getting through.

And, like any Egyptian sitting at home with a penchant for social media, I was naturally doing the only thing I could do at that time, which was obsessively update my Facebook and Twitter statuses. This was, of course, in an attempt to connect to others in order to get a comprehensive understanding of what was truly happening and, by default, to express the frustration that welled up within me, one second after the next on account of the horrors that I was witnessing.

But I ended up getting more than I bargained for.

A supporter of the MB, whom I’m going to refer to as ‘Z’,ended up messaging me on Twitter and we had a heated conversation and debate about the current state of events. I was not trying to be unbiased or to use a journalistic approach by any means in order to extract information or to analyse the profile of who I was speaking to… It was purely an exchange between two people attempting to convey their perspectives to each other. And so, based on this, I’ve decided that it is worth posting.


I have made very few edits to the dialogue between us and any edits made were purely for continuity’s sake. I have not even attempted to correct the grammar in Z’s messages. The full conversation is available on my Twitter feed for anyone who would say that I’ve made this up or would like to allege that I’ve manipulated anything in any way. There were some tweets sent to me in Arabic which I have not listed because they were somewhat superfluous and redundant in meaning after a while, but again I have made sure that the overall sense of those tweets is conveyed in the following account. The opinions stated here are either my own or the other party’s; I am not endorsed by anyone or anything. And I’m NOT saying that Z’s views are representative of everyone in the Muslim Brotherhood or who is a sympathiser of theirs so, all in all, that should cover any potentially abusive comments that may come my way as a result of this post. I have not provided any extra commentary on the following; I leave you to make your own mind up.

Ladies and gentlemen: it all started with a tweet. 

Z: After killing thousands of innocents while others like u laughing don't talk about peaceful

Sally: Just because some of the MB are peaceful, doesn't mean the majority is. Believe me, no one is laughing! This division is a tragedy! Peaceful is not in the bodies hidden under the stage at Rabaa or in the churches that were burned....that is terrorism.

Z: About those burned churches where r the victims of Christians who suppose to be inside ??Let me wonder did MB told them that they're going to burn their churches so leave it ??so MB r good people:)

Sally: Yes, there were Christians that were killed...but EVEN IF churches were burned when empty...what love &what mercy is that?

Z: Don't talk about love and Mercy while those r killed by this way ! (They sends me loads of pictures of dead bodies of MB protestors!)If we suppose that MB has a lot of Militias why those Militias until now didn't get there revenge ???

Sally: Didn't you hear about the events at Kirdasa when an RPJ was shot in to the police station? Does that make them good people? Or how about the way they dragged out the bodies of the officers and put them on display...?

Z: Yes good cause they kill the bad ones who are El dakhlia El baltagia(translation: the Interior Ministry, the bullies)they deserve this as they killed the other innocent by cold blood.

Sally: Who are you to say who is bad and who is good? And even if someone is bad, who are you to take revenge and kill others?? Thank you for just confirming to me that terrorism is truly what I am witnessing....

Z: ALLAH give us order to stand against injustice even by guns

Sally: Really? Are you sure that God the greatest, most merciful, most fair would give YOU permission to point a gun at your brother? You know what? If this is how you think...I pray for you! I really do!

Z: And for yourself too.

Sally: How can you shoot at me and expect me not to defend myself? Death is awful...God rest all those souls...but we must be fair!

Z: So be fair for those souls too. you said that u must defend yourself and that's what MB are doing by their guns.

Sally: It doesn't mean every Egyptian pulls out a gun and shoots his neighbour. That's chaos...that's why there is the law!

Z: And what the law has done for those killed people ?? They are laughing and saying they deserve this.

Sally: Z, no one is laughing! No one wants anyone to's time you stop thinking you are a victim. The MB aren't peaceful. This is a reaction to the violence we have witnessed from the MB first. But no one wants anyone to die!

Z: I'll leave you for ALLAH to show Right from Wrong.

Sally: Peaceful protests were not met with anything but peace. Violence was used by the armed forces, when things got violent.

Z: Clearly your brain absent from the Egyptian media later or sooner the truth will be clear for all.

Sally: You think I'm the brain-washed one? Well the feeling is mutual…God help you. And yes, may the truth become clear! PS. No religion allows for violence. The essence of Islam is peace! That's the first thing one learns! Just a thought...

(After a long conversation in Arabic in which they urged me to watch Al Jazeera who are ‘telling the truth’ in their words and even sent me an article by Alaa Al Aswany for me to read, in order to see what they and the MB believe to be the truth of what is happening…)

Sally: I never believe just one source...I watch more than CBC and ONTV & i make my mind up.

Again, you're only looking at one media source! Al Jazeera because they are on your side! Check all the sources first as well!

Z: Wash your eyes well and you will see the pic more clearly

Sally: I will read [the article]. I'm not opposed to hearing another point of view. But at the end of the day, we may need to agree to disagree. (This was the only tweet they favourited)But remember unless people stop refusing to listen to each other & open their hearts, we'll go no where! The same applies to you.

Z: Exactly…remember this too.