Thursday June 1st, 2023
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A Morning at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza's Spa

There's no better way to spend your morning than at the spa and better yet we spent it at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza...

Staff Writer

Is the spa really the destination for health, beauty and relaxation? Do they deliver what they promise on their packaging; rest and rejuvenation? Don't be ridiculous of course they do and we can assure you that no one does it like the spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza.

You might imagine it may be hard for the Four Seasons' Spa to live up to its mighty reputation but as we exited the lift to the fifth floor and walked through the clearly marked 'Spa' doors, the calm ambience, subtle scents and friendly greetings said it all: Welcome to indoor paradise.

Entering the changing room, we put on our fluffy white robes, the likes of which even our bed sheets couldn't compare to, and comfy slippers, and our morning of bliss began.

Our first treatment, the Themae instant glow green tea facial (forget the Body Shop, we're officially in love with Themae). An express facial, lasting a total of 40 minutes, totally hydrates and refreshes your skin. We know this is often a phrase thrown around when it comes to facials, but this time we assure you it's true. Consisting of a series of gentle stages, the treatment (almost like a ceremony) begins with the soft gong of a cymbal. It all started with a light upper body massage. That's right, not just a simple facial, this treatment goes all out and takes the task of releasing all your inner tension quite seriously. From your upper body the massage moves to your head, after which a series of sublime smelling Themae masks and cleansers, all containing natural ingredients, were applied to our skin. Any product applied was delicately removed with a warm flannel until we reached the exfoliating stage. Consisting of minute grains of rice powder, this exfoliant was gently massaged over our skin, leaving us feeling satin-smooth and, cliché but appropriate, radiant.

Attention to detail was obvious throughout the entire facial and you walk out of that treatment room feeling revived, refreshed and vibrant. Making our experience even better, whilst waiting for our next indulgence, we were invited to indulge in the Spa's facilities; sauna, steam room, jacuzzi...ideal!

Next came the massage. Ah yes, even just thinking about it makes us feel carefree and relaxed. Lying on the bed face down, you are given the option of three different balms; vanilla, orange blossom and jasmin, and green tea. Yes that's right, balms. Instead of using oils, which we all know end up making us feel greasy and leads to the necessity of a shower which totally counteracts the effects of the massage, these special Themae balms are all-natural and are absorbed by the skin almost instantly. Orange blossom tickled our fancy, and once again with the sound of the gong the magic began. Starting on our backs the massage worked its wonders across to our arms and then down each leg. The treatment itself lasted an hour, and it was an hour not not be passed up.

In addition to all this, we even got to try out the spa's latest Lava Shell massage treatment. Warm Tiger Clam shells were used to massage our backs to help loosen up all our muscles. Inside the shells are small sachets of minerals and dry algae mixed with salt water and essential oils which is what generates the heat to sooth your aches and pains. The shells are used to work deep into the muscle which was ideal after a hard week. You may roll your eyes at a massage involving sea shells, but after experiencing this intense stress relief, there really is no going back.

After our amazing treatments we headed to the indoor pool area to recline on the wonderful poolside beds and just when we thought it couldn't get any better, a Themae goodie bag (who doesn't love a freebie or two) and a breakfast buffet of fresh fruit, cookies, coffee and tea awaited. Unfortunately after indulging in an uninterrupted flow of goodies and total relaxation for a while, it was time to get back to reality. However we're already contemplating our next trip back, for let's be realistic, it's always time for the Four Seasons at Nile Plaza's Spa.  


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