Thursday June 1st, 2023
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A Necklace a Day

A good statement necklace is essentially a great outfit made, and A Necklace A Day has them all, with some of the most gorgeous sunglasses of this season to boot.

Staff Writer

Recently, we've turned into quite the flower children, unabashedly wearing floral headbands to the office, obsessing over floral prints tops, pants, scarves, you name it. The latest item on our hit list, that we've yet to get our hands on, are those gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana-esque sunglasses, frames encased in pretty pastel-hued flowers. So you can imagine our sheer delight when we came across a new brand in Egypt that stocks these very sunglasses, along with a variety of equally awesome retro ones, and of course, as per its name, a whole array of necklaces – one for each day of the next millennium.

A Necklace A Day was founded by Nermeen Elkamary about six months ago. Despite not being a huge fan of accessories, she fell head over heels for statement necklaces. "I became obsessed with statement necklaces because they really do make a statement and they can change an outfit beh taree2a raheeba!" she tells us with a laugh. We can attest to that. A statement necklace has the power to transform the most basic of outfits. They are what essentially keeps the majority of our outfits from veering into straight-up hobo territory.

Though these bold necklaces are not new to the market, A Necklace a Day boasts such a huge variety that it's hard not to take notice. Not all statement necklaces are created equal. The brand has basically every type of statement necklace ever invented, from bright funky ones with tassels and beading, to cool art-deco-style ones, to floral-fuelled ones… From necklaces encrusted with large stones to cool metallic pieces, whichever direction your statement jewellery tastes veer towards, they've got it covered.

"They just really complete an outfit," Nermeen explains. "If you're going to work, and you have to wear a simple shirt and trousers, you just top it off with a necklace and it instantly looks amazing." We could probably don the same outfit daily, Dexter-style, and switch up our necklaces, and we'd be good to go.

But since it's summer, we've got our eye on the cool shades the brand is bringing in for the hottest season of the year. "Shades add something to the accessorizing of an outfit," Nermeen tells us, "So we've got some really nice retro ones coming in, and some vintage-style ones as well." We can't wait to add to our floral collection…

You can follow them on Instagram @anecklaceaday.