Sunday December 10th, 2023
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AEON Designs: The New Egyptian Furniture and Home Décor Brand Finding Beauty in Concrete and Glass

Liquor lamps and concrete pots going hand in hand.

Staff Writer

Lighting can make or break the look and ambiance of a space, which arguably makes the source of that light among the most important elements of decorating any room, because it relies of aesthetic and functionality equally. Though still very young, Egyptian brand, AEON Designs, strikes a balance and does so in style.

Launched in March, home décor and furniture brand takes a retro-industrial approach to the aesthetic, with one of its highlight lines of products coming in the form of a collection of table lamps made with liquor bottles.

The products, which also include minimalistic concrete plant pots, are made by founder and Civil Engineer, Yehia El Bishbishi, alongside a team of artisans, with the use of high quality materials sitting high in the list of priorities when it comes to the conception and execution of the pieces.

“Our edge is providing our customers with the highest quality products by using the best raw materials in Egypt and using techniques that I’ve learned from a concrete furniture course that I had taken in Canada,” El Bishbishi told CairoScene.

Beyond home décor and accessories, however, El Bishbishi has grander plans in store, and is also working towards creating larger pieces such as tables and even kitchen counters.

“I see my products being used anywhere,” El Bishbishi said. “From homes, cafes and restaurants, to landscape projects in urban malls and hotels. We’re also working to collaborate with bigger brands such as Lumberjack, 777designs and C.Reality designs.”

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