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Acriliques' Luscious Nails for Less

Cairo's latest nail sensation is offering 25% off all services (including waxing, eyelashes and more) until March 19th.

Maybe it’s the advent of spring and so everyone is in a good mood, maybe it’s because it’s the month that has Mother’s Day or International Women’s Day, but whatever the reason, Acriliques Nail Spa are clearly in a giving mood as from the 5th of March up until the 19th, they’ll be giving 25% off of ALL their services. So yes, you know what that means – you have 2 weeks to cram as many different nail arts as possible into that time frame. And they create whatever you want – the stopped by our office the other month and we got everything from Tetris nails to flower prints to full acrylic sets.

But the beauty gurus don’t just do nail art, although it’s definitely their forte. You can also get a set of false eyelashes, a full body wax, a body scrub, a gel manicure, and a full set of acrylic nails. And because we are kind and generous souls, we have taken it upon ourselves to calculate the before and after prices of a few of the services they offer. Now, we hope you appreciate this greatly because math is something we neither enjoy nor are good at, and this required the joint efforts of the entire team and several calculators as well as a refresher course in middle school math.

Eyelashes: Before 150 EGP - Now 112.50 EGP

New set of Acrylic nails: Before 400 EGP - Now 300 EGP

Full body wax: Before 300 EGP - Now 225 EGP

Gel manicure: Before 150 EGP - Now 112.50 EGP

Body scrub: Before 250 EGP - Now 187.50 EGP

You can check out their Facebook page here