Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Adam’s Ballroom: An Extravagant New Function Space fit for All Occasions

Condorde El Salam's newest addition fuses classic luxury, with modern functionality.

Staff Writer

Summer in Egypt is no longer but a fantasy lingering on the horizon - it's here, in full fledged force, and to the sun-soaked libertines, that might mean an endless outpouring of pool parties and Sahel fiestas. But to the romantics out there, it's usually the perfect time to tie that knot and put a ring on it.'Tis the season of Love, and every lovebird needs a ceremonial nest to set in motion their lifelong commitment.

This is where Concorde El Salam's latest event venue, Adam's Ballroom, comes to the rescue. Built as the largest event venue on the hotel's sprawling grounds, the ballroom pays homage to the historical balls, epitomising lavishness and luxury, while incorporating technological modernity. This space is not only gorgeous, but also quite versatile in use, serving as a space for everything from a wedding, to work functions and conferences.

Brought to life by the international designer, Tony Dalton, the ballroom is adorned with opulent chandeliers, soft carpeting and exquisite marbles.  Able to accommodate up to 700 guests, Adam's Ballroom is as spacious as it gets, offering over 630 square meter of pillar-less open space for its main hall. It's also equipped with a dedicated internet system so fast, your wedding guests won't be having any problemo what-so-ever uploading your wedding snaps, which comes as a part of the wedding duty in this day and age. Otherwise, why did you even invite them?

But high-speed internet can be also quite useful for business function, too of course. And if by any means, you need a follow up meeting with your fellow executives after said conference, Concorde has that covered. With the Daleela Board Room, you can seamlessly continue your business meetings in the 12-guest executive board room that boasts a business center of its own.

Ok, so now you're done with your event, be it a wedding, a dinner party, or a business conference, and you'll probably need to unwine. With two stunning outdoor terraces, The Palm Court and The Rose Garden, having a glass of wine, or a cocktail or two is definitely on the menu. You can even book one of two private suites, which come with their very own butler service; dubbed The Lina and The Eden suites, they're certainly the perfect ending to your spectacular event of choice.

For inquiries and more information, call +20 (0) 2 22931183, or email them at Make sure you visit their Facebook page to be on the latest update on what this glorious Ballroom is offering this season.

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