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Al Dau Strand: The New Epicentre of Hurghada's Coolness

Soon all manner of people will come flocking to Hurghada to experience the laid back yet luxurious fortress about to be erected in the heart of the coastal gem!

There are two kinds of people in Egypt, those who spend their summers in Sahel, and those who are more southbound in their earnest pursuit of beach fun. The latter species is split into two groups: glitterati who cavort in Gouna and hippies who set up camp in Sinai for the duration of the summer season. But we are neither; we just want to chill by the beach, have a good time, and soak in a hot tub afterwards, so we belong in Hurghada.  

Soon, however, all manner of vacationers will flock to Hurghada for the monumental property development that is about to be erected in the heart of the coastal gem. Al Dau Strand will bring these warring factions together where they shall live as one united people coexisting peacefully.

A subsidiary of Sami Saad Holding, Al Dau Development has been behind state-of-the-art structures in Hurghada such as the Steingenberger Al Dau Resort, Al Dau Village Mall, and Al Dau Heights, and now they’re gearing up for the launch of their newest edifice. Designed by Simon Halstead + Associates, Al Dau Strand is set to become the epicentre of Hurghada’s coolness with a sizeable beachfront, a boutique hotel, and two dockyards to harbour your luxurious private yacht. 

And that doesn’t even begin to skim the surface of the concrete awesomeness Al Dau Strand is set to become. Every owner has access to the rooftop pool, and the entire property is connected through a number of swim-up pools; yes you can have breakfast IN the pool and swim next door if you run out of sugar. If that’s not having your cake and eating it too, we don’t know what is.

Complete with every housing type known to man, from studios to swanky cribs, Al Dau Strand caters to all preferences, so whether you choose lifelong celibacy or everlasting matrimonial bliss, they got you covered.

You know how life in a beach house in a gated community can feel like an extended version of the Shining? Not at Al Dau Strand it isn’t! The Hurghada International Airport is literally five minutes away, and Al Dau Village Mall is walking distance from the compound, so you know your exits at all times. And, should things get too stuffy, all you have to do is hitch a ride to Hurghada’s nearby bustling nightlife hubs!    

And with a beach club – ready to host your nighttime shenanigans and raves and your morning after contrition – as well as a community centre equipped with all modern convenience facilities, and breathtaking views to inspire the tortured brooding hero in you, Al Dau Strand is the perfect balance between luxurious and hippy – the answer to your conflicting prayers.             

For more information please visit Al Dau Strand Facebook page.

*The content of this article is sponsored.