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Al Nas Hospital Teams Up With BRGR to Give Back This Sahel Season

As part of a limited collaborative drop, 100% of the proceeds from buying these boomerballs go directly to Al Nas Hospital for Children to help pay for heart surgeries.

In partnership with Al Nas Hospital for Children, local burger giants BRGR are taking Sahel by storm once more, and this time it's for an even bigger cause than simply satiating our summer food cravings. Drawing on the North Coast’s sporty beach culture, Al Nas Hospital has taken to their charitable think tank to provide Sahel’s residents - and by proximity BRGR devotees - with Boomerballs. Sold at BRGR’s North Coast locations, the balls bounce on water (so, yes they’re extremely kid-friendly) but also pave paths for more coastal activities where both adults and kids are involved.

“Purchasing this product not only provides you with a new fun summer activity but allows you to be a part of a heartfelt initiative,” Donia Hosny, Child Life Specialist at Al Nas Hospital, tells CairoScene. “We also wanted to provide something fun, a quick impulse purchase that is actually beneficial to the consumers whilst also allowing them to stand for a much bigger cause. 100% of the proceeds from this collaboration will be donated to Al Nas Hospital in support of surgical procedures for children suffering from congenital heart defects.”

The balls make for the perfect makeshift water sports activity so that both you and your loved ones can move forward with your exhilarating seaside activities. But most importantly, having them serves as a perpetual reminder of where exactly you have placed your support. Be sure to snag as many as you can from all around BRGR’s North Coast locations since the Al Nas and BRGR’s collaborative drop is limited.