Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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Al-Sayyida Nafisa Mosque and Mausoleum Officially Reopens

The revered mosque has been closed for over a year as it underwent extensive renovations.

Cairo Scene

Al-Sayyida Nafisa Mosque and Mausoleum Officially Reopens

Ahl Al-Bayt Street is one of Cairo's most prominent landmarks, housing culturally and historically significant sites that pay tribute to the descendants of Prophet Muhammad. Among them is the Al-Sayyida Nafisa Mosque and Mausoleum.

For over a year, the mosque has been closed to the public, undergoing extensive renovations under the guidance of the Ministry of Awqaf. Today, the reopening ceremony took place, with President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in attendance, offering a glimpse into the majestic mausoleum.

The mosque holds a significant place in UNESCO's list of world heritage sites in historic Cairo. It was constructed during the Abbasid era to honor Sayyida Nafisa, an Islamic scholar renowned for her religious and spiritual knowledge. This revered space carries immense spiritual value and serves as a pilgrimage site for Muslims worldwide.

Starting Thursday, August 10th, the mosque will once again welcome the public.